Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Year of 2017

End very fast.. Too much to catch up.. not sure if i can remember all.. This year Raya, i celebrate with her family - Sabah. New experience.. really nice to have the different.. know how other celebrate. Wish i can turn back time and have that same kind of celebration with my mom.. making her happy.. its late.. love you mom... always..

Next.. we went to cambodia for 6D5N. AA has new route which is Sihanouk.. All about beach and gambling.. People say it a small macau.. If we know about it early, definitely we spare some cash for it. The beach is ok, clear water but not blue.. I remember it same as beach at my hometown lumut - teluk batik.. Sihanouk its  a small town, very close to airport less than hour. It was Aug, the weather is almost raining everyday. we had to cancel our snorkelling trip for a few time. They use both USD and they currency - riel. Most the item can get 1 USD.. pretty cheap.. KFC is halal.. other than that, really have to be careful. We eat seafood all the time.. the place is still new, nothing much for the tourist. we stay at otres beach where most people say it most private, clean and nice beach.. Yes it is.. but i think a little entertainment or noise will be nice as it too quite at nite there.. will post some photo soon.

Its also crazy year of 2017.. huge fight, bad fight.. but we manage to get over it.. Jodoh panjang lagi.. maybe.. its good to be back again..

Next for reminder is the Korea trip for Christmas and new year celebration.

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