Friday, August 4, 2017

Ramsay Sime Darby Medical centre

Another memorial thing happening.

Got surgery for the second time to remove the cyst.. Aiya.. It wont stop..
It keep happening.. But alhamdulillah im good now.. Im taking visanne 2mg daily.. to control the hormon. With this, I'm not having my menstrual every month. and my mood always changing all the time.. I'm getting used to it. Follow up every 6 month.. My routine now.

The hospital is good, exactly nearby to my house at the time. like 5 minute drive. Having her to help me recovery, sleep at the hospital. With insurance i got my private room for my self. Really relaxing.

Office mate like very shock, suddenly admitted and got surgery.. they all came to visit. very nice of you guys. Thanks.

Its really important to have a good insurance agent. Mine was not ok.. I was admitted at 1am, doctor advise to do the surgery immediately. Call my agent, endup he say wait for tomorrow to get approval for the letter.. Dem. Then for all the bill i have to call him many time before he sent some else to get it for him. Insurance is very important. You will worry free for the bill. Cost for everything more than 15k.. and all covered. And I got my self allowance for the surgery and admitted.. Thanks to Prudential.

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