Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lombok 2nd Visit

Lombok is crazy awesome.. Definitely go again and again. This time we go around the land, but ya still must spend at Gili. Best bout the second trip, we pretty much can arrange the trip better. Once landed, we immediately request for a package which is cover the taxi and the boat direct to hotel at the island. Awesome! we got pretty cheap deal. So no matter what time you arrive at Lombok Airport, you can easily arrange the package. Not need to stay overnight at the land.

This time, we stay at Gili T. We want to have more happening night life. But that not what I got.. I got much better experience. The beach are nicer, we can snorkeling just in front our hotel.. The fish the coral.. jaw drop.. crazy. We try every restaurant there.. We try komodo round the island.. the environment just nice. Its raining season.. dem.. I dont remember but i think its the chinese new year leave we when there..

We have 3 night at Gili T, then we check out and stay at Selong Belanak. The place actually best for surfing. We book for 2 night there. We dying to learn to surf but endup its not the surfing season. Facepalm!.. So we stay just for one night. Head to Kuta Lombok for 2 more nite. Kuta, they have a lot of beach. You need more day to really enjoy each beach. Too bad we dont have much time. As always she want to have time for shopping.. Huhu.. Kuta or anywhere else, they dont have much to shopping. Mataram the main city are the place, but still nothing much. We there just to buy some Indonesia traditional facial product, medicine, etc.. One more attractive place are the Suluk Village, its near Kuta. Nice place and i think a must visit. The Ayam Taliwang.. arghhh we still could not find the delicious place as the first time we went there.

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