Thursday, May 26, 2016

Kunak / Tawau Sabah - Ikan Bilis Fresh

Jadik orang Laut Kitak! I took 1 week off. Sudden plan. Erk.. Thank god i have supportive team. Leave approve immediately.. Hehe, Ikan bilis fresh.. Sapa mauk? Jual murah sajak. Telefon la kami. Igal dance.. The song play on and on in my head.. Nice song. Visit fisherman village. Have a night  life there.. Can call me for the package. Place to stay, Meal 5 times a day, Boat trip with fisherman! Cheap cheap one. Transfer from Tawau Airport can be arrange.

017- 7783979

Redang Island With Friend and Love

Redang Island is another crazy awesome island. You dont have to go far.. It just here.. In Malaysia itself. Im so gonna go again. But next time with flight ye sayang! Alrite the trip with my college. They all plan it like a year start the moment i join the company. Its keep delay, time not rite, place not rite. So this time, we so gonna make it happen. We must! We all agreed this Labour day, 3D2N, Redang Island. We booked the hotel pretty last minute, 1 month before. Luckily we manage to get one, which is left the expensive one.. fuhhh.. No matter what, we so gonna make it happen. Then check the bus. Dem almost finish, Book NOW!, Shyam was like crazy.. hehe.. Ok.. We got the hotel, return bus, all set.. left is counting star.. 3 more days, 2 more days, 1 more day and here we are...

So much effort to make this happen, and we did it! Shyam, Kumar, Silan, Prec, Prashant, Me and Syiema. We took bus at night from KL. reach at Kuala Terengganu at 6am. Then go walk find the habour. Just 5 minute walk. Find 7e from the station bus, then walk toward along the road. Until you find the Pasar Payang signboard, just walk toward it. Then you can see sea. Since it still early, we look for restaurant for breakfast. Ask local people, inside pasar payar in second floor, there is food court. Its open very early morning. Luckily. Food before anything.

Boat are here. They are punctual nope, they are early. Thank god we dont wait until last minute. Boat stop you know you there.. ohyeaa blue color sea and white beach.. Crazy.. ohno fish just down here.. Pretty.. wait for your turn to transfer to another small boat to get near the beach. They so protective, the big boat cant get too near. And the hotel just in front us. 3D was so fast.. :(.. Back to KL its 10 hour journey.. bluek..

Are we at the Pool??

Lombok 2nd Visit

Lombok is crazy awesome.. Definitely go again and again. This time we go around the land, but ya still must spend at Gili. Best bout the second trip, we pretty much can arrange the trip better. Once landed, we immediately request for a package which is cover the taxi and the boat direct to hotel at the island. Awesome! we got pretty cheap deal. So no matter what time you arrive at Lombok Airport, you can easily arrange the package. Not need to stay overnight at the land.

This time, we stay at Gili T. We want to have more happening night life. But that not what I got.. I got much better experience. The beach are nicer, we can snorkeling just in front our hotel.. The fish the coral.. jaw drop.. crazy. We try every restaurant there.. We try komodo round the island.. the environment just nice. Its raining season.. dem.. I dont remember but i think its the chinese new year leave we when there..

We have 3 night at Gili T, then we check out and stay at Selong Belanak. The place actually best for surfing. We book for 2 night there. We dying to learn to surf but endup its not the surfing season. Facepalm!.. So we stay just for one night. Head to Kuta Lombok for 2 more nite. Kuta, they have a lot of beach. You need more day to really enjoy each beach. Too bad we dont have much time. As always she want to have time for shopping.. Huhu.. Kuta or anywhere else, they dont have much to shopping. Mataram the main city are the place, but still nothing much. We there just to buy some Indonesia traditional facial product, medicine, etc.. One more attractive place are the Suluk Village, its near Kuta. Nice place and i think a must visit. The Ayam Taliwang.. arghhh we still could not find the delicious place as the first time we went there.