Tuesday, December 1, 2015


We bought the package also from Matta Fair. Its was actually a Dive Course Packages. Before the trip need to study dem hard for the exam.. Book of diving in the hand all the time. Focus not enuf sleep. From K.L we took bus to besut, terengganu. which actually quite near to my hometown, actually the bus do passing by my home.. huhu.. Arwah mak did ask xbalik ke..i was like, i need to take the exam... sorry.. its the only holiday with 4 days off.. i have too.. sorry..

So its really serious, we are doing this.. go diving, take the exam and certified as a diver. But.. things not happen as we plan. We need to go for medical checkup. As for me, i have endometrocyst, and its kinda huge already, the pressure underwater might cause something.. not gonna take any risk, so no for me. And for her, she never do any checkup for her asthma.. the clinic we went in Tioman its quite far from the chalet. we have to walk up and down hill.. Due that cause long breath to her.. doctor detected she has asthma. She have to take pump then only she breath well. So for asthma, its a risk too.. Arghhhhh.. dem big frustrated for us.. They give us a refund for the diving class... So tioman, just for a holiday for us.. huhu

4 days was awesome.. tioman is kinda small and very limited place. Hardly to get room at peak season. We took this chance to explore Tioman, When u reach the island, the boat stop at many place. You have to know where is ur hotel/resort. End up you will have to walk further to reach ur hotel. I dont actually remember where we stop, where we stay.. huhu. but there is one place have a nice restaurant, nice place to chill, nice place to shop..  as place where we stay, just in front of our room, there is beautiful coral.. really nice one.. we can just snorkeling at in front of our room.

Overall tioman is nice. picture.. later.. hehe

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