Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mummy Pets..

We have adopted 6 cats until now.. its a bless alhamdulillah.. keluarga bertambah.. hehe.. we start only 1 (Puteh).. then search for small one (Felix adopted from english lady).. then one from my hometown, arwah mak dh xde, kucing xterjaga so ambil la sekor bawak balik (Yaya).. then 2 more we rescue from shelter (Bu and Upin).. and 1 more newly born coz we want baby (Beca)..  and almost forget Ciko, our only rabbit bought at my howetown perak.

We are big family now.. most of the time we just do shopping for them.. phuket for them, surabaya for them.. everytime for them.. toys, shirt, medication, syampoo, hehe.. everything..

Have a bit knowledge of cats. so why not we do something... Yup.. we have start or Mummy Pets.. doing cat boarding/hotel.. soon we will start our own pets shop..

We move to Kepong Baru. Near to center fo Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Plaza damas, Publika..
With only rates at 10RM per day per cat. after the third day rates come only 8RM per day per cat. To get more detail on location, reservation and term, please visit http://www.mummypets.com/

LATEST UPDATE: YEAR 2017 We have move to Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh. Near to Sungai Buloh Country Resort, Sungai Buloh, Saujana Perdana, Desa Coalfield, Setia Alam, Puncak Alam, Subang and Shah Alam. Do visit us!

With the models, yaya, felix and puteh.. hehe


We bought the package also from Matta Fair. Its was actually a Dive Course Packages. Before the trip need to study dem hard for the exam.. Book of diving in the hand all the time. Focus not enuf sleep. From K.L we took bus to besut, terengganu. which actually quite near to my hometown, actually the bus do passing by my home.. huhu.. Arwah mak did ask xbalik ke..i was like, i need to take the exam... sorry.. its the only holiday with 4 days off.. i have too.. sorry..

So its really serious, we are doing this.. go diving, take the exam and certified as a diver. But.. things not happen as we plan. We need to go for medical checkup. As for me, i have endometrocyst, and its kinda huge already, the pressure underwater might cause something.. not gonna take any risk, so no for me. And for her, she never do any checkup for her asthma.. the clinic we went in Tioman its quite far from the chalet. we have to walk up and down hill.. Due that cause long breath to her.. doctor detected she has asthma. She have to take pump then only she breath well. So for asthma, its a risk too.. Arghhhhh.. dem big frustrated for us.. They give us a refund for the diving class... So tioman, just for a holiday for us.. huhu

4 days was awesome.. tioman is kinda small and very limited place. Hardly to get room at peak season. We took this chance to explore Tioman, When u reach the island, the boat stop at many place. You have to know where is ur hotel/resort. End up you will have to walk further to reach ur hotel. I dont actually remember where we stop, where we stay.. huhu. but there is one place have a nice restaurant, nice place to chill, nice place to shop..  as place where we stay, just in front of our room, there is beautiful coral.. really nice one.. we can just snorkeling at in front of our room.

Overall tioman is nice. picture.. later.. hehe

Cruise with Costas Victoria

Bless with another trip. The package we bought at Matta Fair. Cost us in total 3000++ RM.. The cruise start from Singapore, stop at Phuket then Penang and Singapore again.

So much thing we learn.. we didnt know. and its good to know.

1. Get money change for every country visit. We only ask what currency used in the cruise. We change only to USD. Endup we need SGD, Thai Baht and Ringgit.. We didnt bring any other cash then USD.

2. Everything in the cruise is already included.. We can have free flow of food, drink and entertainment. The extra money is something for shopping (if you wanna buy cloth), get hair done, get massage, drink alcohol, casino, landed tour package (while in phuket/penang), etc..

3. Best bout Costas Victoria they are currently working on Halal certificate. Luckily, while we on board, we have visitor from Jakim. Costas Victoria have prepared everything for Halal food. So ya, no doubt to eat everything.. hehe.. Option vegetarian food, italian, rice, a lot of desert, cakes, cakes, cakes, pizza.

4. Dining time kinda fixed, but its enuf.. when its lunch hours you can go to any restaurant. Yup they have 4 restaurant. Buffet like a lot of choices.. if u have enuf with rice, you can get burger, many choices of bread, chicken, meats, veggie. Not to worry for crowded people (on board i think we have almost 2000 people) the cruise are huge, there always will be empty seat for you. FYI, costas victoria is 14 storey.. yup they have elevator.

5. Boring? not at all. The crew member are happening. they have complete itinerary for you to follow. at ur own choice. Morning they have zumba, aerobic, games, theatre, singing, dancing. By the time ready, its already dining time.. hehehe. the itinerary will be given to you every nite. they will come to ur door, or just leave it inside ur room. and ya they clean up the room everytime..

6. The cabin/room was awesome.. everything working fine, the aircond, heater, toilet. We upgrade for room with window. End up there actually much more choice we can choose. Probably next time we can ask room with balcony.. hehe

Ok. the trip from kl to singapore is very hectic/crazy.. we have to wake up very early.. not a good option. Its better if you bought the cruise trip, just get urself there by ur own (check where is the port/harbour). We can just bought a flight to singapore, instead of taking the bus provided. If no country border issue its totally fine. if you have experience with it you will know.. Reach the port, you can checkin your bag (must tag ur bag). Ya the bag will be in ur room once you in.. Awesome right.. Once in, you can go anywhere within the boat.. u can do the titanic thing.. or just seat enjoy the blow wind..

7th Nov 8pm, Boat start sailing from singapore,
8th Nov Next day whole day we at middle of the ocean.
9th Nov 8am, We reach Phuket. small boat will rotate all the time to take people from boat-land-boat. Me and her just walk around and do shopping.. at Phuket until 5pm, then boat sailing again to Penang
10th Nov Not quite remember what time we reach Penang. here only halfday, we manage buy extra beg (since we shopping a lot at Phuket.. huhu) and do hair (yup we have dinner, need to wear dress..).
11th Nov, we reach singapore again.

I'll add some pic later.. see ya..
Coming at the end of the year i still have 2 more trip to go.. phewwwww