Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Yahoooo.. another trip.. Alhamdulillah.. Its 3 days holiday.. somehow we must go somewhere.. within malaysia will be crazy traffic of car and people.. so its must be out site. We choose Surabaya, its the place we never been too.. We bought the flight and hotel 3 night 2 week before the trip using airasiago.com cost us RM1400.. we both get bz got not much time to study what and where to visit in surabaya.

When finally the day came, we got to know must place to visit its the mount bromo.. oh yeah, with only slipper and no jacket nothing prepare for this kinda trip.. we just go for it.. early the day we when to ETC Mall, local said that the place where you can buy things cheap.. we get ourself a jacket cost about 45kRp.. since its cheap, we buy more for families.. hehe.. slipper.. i thnk its ok to wear with sock.. huhu.. Start trip from surabaya to bromo at 11pm, we reach there at 3am. From there need to get jeep to go almost at the top. For the jeep, there is different price based on place you wanna go.. we took 4 place to visit cost us 850kRp (since its weekend, cost extra). The place area: see sunrise, kawah, bukit teletubbies (Bukit Savana Bromo) and pasir berbisik.. The price of jeep are include the entrance fee.

The sunrise the jeep took 1 hour to reach the point. its very cold.. imagine only with slipper and sock.. fuhh crazy.. have to wait almost 1 hour before the sun came out.. it was beautiful.. awesome moment. Then see the Kawah (crater) .. another jeep trip maybe half an hour, i dont know i fall asleep.. huhu.. then reach some point the jeep cant go thru, you have an option either to walk or use horse.. its quite far, you guy must use horse.. coz after tht you have to climb up on 250 stair to reach at Kawah.. fuh.. at the kawah, smell of sulfur very strong you will feel hardly to breath. I stay up there for less than 1 minute, then immediately go down. Then another jeep trip, to see the bukit teletubbies (Bukit Savana Bromo) and pasir berbisik.. nothing much there, but it is nice to visit.. for the return ride from our hotel at surabaya to bromo cost us 1mRp.. get additional charge 100kRp for every hour.. we get back late since we stop many place a long the way, cost us 700kRp for extra 7 hour.. huhu..

The trip is more about relaxing, we dont do much except for the mount bromo. Other than that, just having long hour sleep, eat local food and massage.. everything run smoothly.. bless with the time I have..

For Indonesia Airasia, they always have weight bag checking before you enter the waiting room or when boarding.. we had this 2 times, one in bandung and again in surabaya. we have extra weight on our luggage, even tot its a small beg.. so have to remind dont get exceed when travel to these airport..

Opps I stil have not complete my trip to cebu and tioman trip.. will be next time..

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