Friday, May 29, 2015

Cebu Philipine - Bantayan Island

Love the place.. so much thing we do.. 7D6N.. while wrote this, i need to study for my diving exam next week.. fuh! I cant really blogging now.. will continue later..

Its 7 days of trip. its has been an awesome days.
Day 0: 30th - Reach Cebu City!! Watch IMAX
Day 1: 1th  - Oslob - Shark Wales, Waterfall
Day 2: 2nd  - Cebu City Walk Around
Day 3: 3rd  - To The Bantayam Island
Day 4: 4th  - Virgin Island
Day 5: 5th  - Bantayan Island Tour
Day 6: 6th  - To the Airport

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