Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Yup Im blog.. now.. at office hour.. im so  dem bz nowdays.. New workplace are awesome.. so much programming.. that what i love to do. wait.. why im blog? yup, im doing programing and testing which require alot.. like very a lottttt of waiting.. dem! hate that.. ofcoz its part of job.. what to do

Alrite let continue with what i have left so many year...

Last year for her birthday celebration.. we go to Universal Studio Singapore!!!!!.. We drove From KL to Johor use PLUS highyway.. not remember how long it take and cost for the toll, sorry for that.. Johor we stay at zoom inn boutique hotel. Why we choose the hotel, because the place is really nearby to the agency where provide bus transfer to USS. Other than that u also can find Tune Hotel near by. Not to worry if u have other hotel, coz the place at the agency got space for park. The hotel that i have... mmm.. its too small for me.. i dont know bout others.. if u compare to tune hotel i think it almost the same size.. but the design are nice.. very cozy modern plus baliness.. i dont know bout the other type of room they have. the room i have is Deluxe Queen. we booked for 3 nite cost us RM338.88 from agoda. there is no restaurant nearby.. so its pretty hard.. we have to go out to find one. overall nothing much we do... the best bout the hotel they have Universal Studios Singapore (Daily Shuttle Service Available Through Reception).

The agency we have to go to USS i forgot the name.. it just nearby, walking distance from the hotel. the package with 5sgd coupun for the meal, uss ticket, transfer johor to singapore by bus. dont forget to bring ur passport. it very hasty to go down from the bus when u at the border.. very long queu.. but overall everything are nice.. the weather was raining but the time we reach USS, the sun comeout lovely..

picture will be add later (kalau rajin). I still have pending a few more story or event.. i really need to blog, coz i forgot thing easily. below are the list:-
1. Sabah The Family Day (8D7N)
2. Lombok+Bali (8D7N)
3. Pulau Perhentian (3D2N)

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