Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tawau + Kunak + Lahad Datu + Kota Kinabalu + Sandakan

This is her family day.. the holiday start the next day after my last day at my last company until a day before i start at new company. I have plan this offcoz.. i know when is my last day.. then i deal with the new company only after a week i'll join them.. brilliant.. i can have happly freely holiday.. once the date confirm, we get the flight and find rent car for the whole week there.. immediately reach tawau, we get the rent car when to her home which at kunak. the next day early morning i guess at 4pm we start the journey to KK.. its very long hour i guess we reach there at 5pm something. pheww.. we do stop at many placess actually.. we rent apartment. easy for us since we have many people. its holiday for her family, we try many thing.. before that we visit her relative at kampung air, which is fine family.. lovely, they have not seen each other many year.. they become closer after that.. bless.. she did many thing for her mom.. i learn that a lot how she treat her mother, which i dont do much for my mom.. i love you mom.. wish i can be good daughter for u.. done all stuff for her mom, now we do what we have plan for their family day.. we go snorkeling.. hehe.. then we go for seafood steamboat buffet... which her mom mistakenly thought the seafood as 'siput'.. hahah funny.. her mom force everyone to eat a lottttt before we go there, her mom tot we gonna eat siput only.. when we reach there, then only her mom understand, it was seafood.. rugi2 sbb sudah makan banyak..

then we also watch movie, experience for her 2 litle sister.. we wait until 1am to watch the movie.. it was late, coz that the only scary movie they have at the hour.. huhu really good experience.. then we also visit sabah museum.. Done with KK, we make a move to Sandakan.. Which quite long hour journey too.. we reach quite late, check in hotel. Only next morning we all visit her relative. spent time at sandakan was nice.. they got beach... nice.. spent a few day then went back to her hometown.. since her father not come with us, we have to get back early. she need to spend some hour with her dad too.. the holiday is awesome.. for us, her family, everyone.. its good to spent time with family.. i need tht too.. will plan holiday with my family too.. :)

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