Friday, April 17, 2015

Pulau Perhentian

The island.. this year we plan so many thing with island, beach.. nice to have it and experience it. we bought the package at matta fair. cost about 800rm for 2, i cant recall the exact price.. normal me, i easily forget thing.. it cover the book transfer, hotel, 3 times meal a day and snorkeling package.

it was sudden plan as she want the beach in malaysia.. so i surprise by book the package.. in 2 week, we goin there.. i told her tht.. then can see her eyes sparkling.. hehe..

the journey begin travel from kl to kuala besut. since the bus station already move to TBS which in cheras, we have to travel by taxi to get there.. took about almost 1 hour and cost about 40RM.. the bus ticket easily can purchase online. u have many option for the bus. TBS was new for me, we have to search for the counter to exchange the ticket (not neccessacy), and checkout the terminal number. its cool place, more proper and convineet. not so much trouble. got food store summore, atm.

The journey to kuala besut is about 8 hour. we reach early around 5am. we have to wait until 9am for the jetty to open. the jetty is exaclty where the bus drop u. so not need to worry of getting lost. paid another 10rm for marin fees. then get to the boat. do take note where is ur resort, its either perhentian kecil or besar. i guess kecil is more happening, coz got local live there.. while besar, each resort are far from others.

Reach at the resort we upgrade our room, since at the matta fair they only give budget room which cant change. luckly the room avaiable, and we can switch.. good good.. the first day, nothing much to do, just walk along the beach.. the second day we go snorkeling!!! it was awesome.. dem pretty coral guys.. super dem a lot of fish.. big fish.. its the best.. cant ask for more.. like i dont wanna go home.. but at the resort itself, nothing much to do.. eat and eat.. sleep and sleep.. hehe.. well it a nice weekend.. dive and snorkeling are the best here.. see some photo and perhaps video we catch while snorkeling.. hehe.. yup first time try snap underwater photo..

next trip: cebu island (bantayan) and tioman for dive!!!

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