Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lombok + Bali

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.. no other word can describe.. how do we get 2 place at one time?? i dont know its consider as lucky or bad or coincidence.. whatever it is, Alhamdulillah.. Allah maha besar dan mengetahui.. Thanks to Allah for everything.. we save.. and for the experience..

What we plan actually to Lombok which is only 4 days 3 night holiday. the flight back to kl was cancel due to airport lombok closure. none flight could take off. the airasia provide us hotel and meal 3 times a day for 2 day. that just a bless.. Alhamdulillah..

(Tuesday) We already at the airport, check in, paid the airport tax and only wait for boarding.. first anouncement delay for 3 hour.. standard procedure i guess, coz other flight have declared cancel. after 3 hours, airasia and the airport staff told the flight could not take off. they will arrange a bus a take everyone to some hotel (bless). All of us in total 3 bus.. stay at i think 4 star hotel (probably tht the only hotel can accomudate us all - bless) at Mataram, which is about an hour from the airport. Arrive at the hotel welcome with welcome drink, everyone lineup to take the room key (bless). After done with the room, everyone had dinner at the hotel restaurant (provided by the hotel - bless). We got news said tomorow morning the bus will take us back to the airport for the flight back to kl. so next morning (Wednesday), everyone get ready with all bag waiting for the bus. a few hours waiting, another news came tht the bus only will come at 6pm.. Aih.. eveyone go back to room. me and syiema took this opportunity to go around mataram... enjoy ourselves another day at others country.. bless.. But again at 6pm they say the airport still close. we have to stay another night here. tomorow the bus will come. Tomorow early morning they said the bus and the AA crue will come here. (Thursday) Never expected they said, they cannot tell when exactly the flight can take off.. Now this is endless waiting, everyeone here decide we have to go to bali. otherwise we all will stuck here.. at 12 noon.. we all move together in total 3 bus, to senggigi to get a boat to bali.. which is everything we have to pay own (from the bus ride, boat and van at bali to airport).. the journey take almost 10 hour.. most of the time are waiting.. waiting for the bus, waiting for the boat, waiting for the van, traffic, etc.. only a few of us get the last flight from bali to kl. so me wait another day at bali. (Friday) since so many of us, we have to devide ourselves to get a seat flight to kl.. me get the noon flight. what the heck, if tht so, i just stay here over the weekend man, some how i would not get to the offce by the time i reach KL.. so the Holiday begin.. hehhehe.

Well let start with Lombok.. Lombok awesome.. prefect place for honeymoon.. hehe.. its really relaxing, im so definately gonna come again. our flight reach lombok at 7pm, we took a taxi to go to our shotstay at Rinjani Beach Eco Resort. took a bout 3 hour journey.. since it late we could not get boat to go to gili air directly. The next morning we took taxi to public jetty to go to gili air. we plan to use the public boat, which will cost cheaper 10krupiah something, but then i accidently pay for the private boat.. erk snap my head coz i didnt look closly for the thing i pay.. Nevermind.. with private boat the journey become faster and safer.. we stay at gili air.. at 7seas cottage.. nice room.. near to everywhere.. we go snorkeling.. we spent a day at gili tarawangan to see the pasar malam.. we rent a bicycle which i think is a must there... lepak at the beach, dining at the beach, mandi2.. best giler lah!!!..

And Bali.. it just nice having her with me.. the hotel we have very nice.. we rent a bike go around nusa dua, uluwatu, jimbaran. we stop to see the beach, people surfing.. we get sunburn a lot forget to wear proper cloth. huhuh.. next day we get the tour package see dance show, temple, mountain, many things.. shopping is a mustt... huhu... last day went back flight to kl smoothly.. Alhamdulillah.

*.. No pic since i broke the phone we use to snap all the pic.. dem!

Lombok + Bali

Rinjani Beach Eco Resort

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