Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mummy Pets..

We have adopted 6 cats until now.. its a bless alhamdulillah.. keluarga bertambah.. hehe.. we start only 1 (Puteh).. then search for small one (Felix adopted from english lady).. then one from my hometown, arwah mak dh xde, kucing xterjaga so ambil la sekor bawak balik (Yaya).. then 2 more we rescue from shelter (Bu and Upin).. and 1 more newly born coz we want baby (Beca)..  and almost forget Ciko, our only rabbit bought at my howetown perak.

We are big family now.. most of the time we just do shopping for them.. phuket for them, surabaya for them.. everytime for them.. toys, shirt, medication, syampoo, hehe.. everything..

Have a bit knowledge of cats. so why not we do something... Yup.. we have start or Mummy Pets.. doing cat boarding/hotel.. soon we will start our own pets shop..

We move to Kepong Baru. Near to center fo Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, Plaza damas, Publika..
With only rates at 10RM per day per cat. after the third day rates come only 8RM per day per cat. To get more detail on location, reservation and term, please visit http://www.mummypets.com/

LATEST UPDATE: YEAR 2017 We have move to Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh. Near to Sungai Buloh Country Resort, Sungai Buloh, Saujana Perdana, Desa Coalfield, Setia Alam, Puncak Alam, Subang and Shah Alam. Do visit us!

With the models, yaya, felix and puteh.. hehe


We bought the package also from Matta Fair. Its was actually a Dive Course Packages. Before the trip need to study dem hard for the exam.. Book of diving in the hand all the time. Focus not enuf sleep. From K.L we took bus to besut, terengganu. which actually quite near to my hometown, actually the bus do passing by my home.. huhu.. Arwah mak did ask xbalik ke..i was like, i need to take the exam... sorry.. its the only holiday with 4 days off.. i have too.. sorry..

So its really serious, we are doing this.. go diving, take the exam and certified as a diver. But.. things not happen as we plan. We need to go for medical checkup. As for me, i have endometrocyst, and its kinda huge already, the pressure underwater might cause something.. not gonna take any risk, so no for me. And for her, she never do any checkup for her asthma.. the clinic we went in Tioman its quite far from the chalet. we have to walk up and down hill.. Due that cause long breath to her.. doctor detected she has asthma. She have to take pump then only she breath well. So for asthma, its a risk too.. Arghhhhh.. dem big frustrated for us.. They give us a refund for the diving class... So tioman, just for a holiday for us.. huhu

4 days was awesome.. tioman is kinda small and very limited place. Hardly to get room at peak season. We took this chance to explore Tioman, When u reach the island, the boat stop at many place. You have to know where is ur hotel/resort. End up you will have to walk further to reach ur hotel. I dont actually remember where we stop, where we stay.. huhu. but there is one place have a nice restaurant, nice place to chill, nice place to shop..  as place where we stay, just in front of our room, there is beautiful coral.. really nice one.. we can just snorkeling at in front of our room.

Overall tioman is nice. picture.. later.. hehe

Cruise with Costas Victoria

Bless with another trip. The package we bought at Matta Fair. Cost us in total 3000++ RM.. The cruise start from Singapore, stop at Phuket then Penang and Singapore again.

So much thing we learn.. we didnt know. and its good to know.

1. Get money change for every country visit. We only ask what currency used in the cruise. We change only to USD. Endup we need SGD, Thai Baht and Ringgit.. We didnt bring any other cash then USD.

2. Everything in the cruise is already included.. We can have free flow of food, drink and entertainment. The extra money is something for shopping (if you wanna buy cloth), get hair done, get massage, drink alcohol, casino, landed tour package (while in phuket/penang), etc..

3. Best bout Costas Victoria they are currently working on Halal certificate. Luckily, while we on board, we have visitor from Jakim. Costas Victoria have prepared everything for Halal food. So ya, no doubt to eat everything.. hehe.. Option vegetarian food, italian, rice, a lot of desert, cakes, cakes, cakes, pizza.

4. Dining time kinda fixed, but its enuf.. when its lunch hours you can go to any restaurant. Yup they have 4 restaurant. Buffet like a lot of choices.. if u have enuf with rice, you can get burger, many choices of bread, chicken, meats, veggie. Not to worry for crowded people (on board i think we have almost 2000 people) the cruise are huge, there always will be empty seat for you. FYI, costas victoria is 14 storey.. yup they have elevator.

5. Boring? not at all. The crew member are happening. they have complete itinerary for you to follow. at ur own choice. Morning they have zumba, aerobic, games, theatre, singing, dancing. By the time ready, its already dining time.. hehehe. the itinerary will be given to you every nite. they will come to ur door, or just leave it inside ur room. and ya they clean up the room everytime..

6. The cabin/room was awesome.. everything working fine, the aircond, heater, toilet. We upgrade for room with window. End up there actually much more choice we can choose. Probably next time we can ask room with balcony.. hehe

Ok. the trip from kl to singapore is very hectic/crazy.. we have to wake up very early.. not a good option. Its better if you bought the cruise trip, just get urself there by ur own (check where is the port/harbour). We can just bought a flight to singapore, instead of taking the bus provided. If no country border issue its totally fine. if you have experience with it you will know.. Reach the port, you can checkin your bag (must tag ur bag). Ya the bag will be in ur room once you in.. Awesome right.. Once in, you can go anywhere within the boat.. u can do the titanic thing.. or just seat enjoy the blow wind..

7th Nov 8pm, Boat start sailing from singapore,
8th Nov Next day whole day we at middle of the ocean.
9th Nov 8am, We reach Phuket. small boat will rotate all the time to take people from boat-land-boat. Me and her just walk around and do shopping.. at Phuket until 5pm, then boat sailing again to Penang
10th Nov Not quite remember what time we reach Penang. here only halfday, we manage buy extra beg (since we shopping a lot at Phuket.. huhu) and do hair (yup we have dinner, need to wear dress..).
11th Nov, we reach singapore again.

I'll add some pic later.. see ya..
Coming at the end of the year i still have 2 more trip to go.. phewwwww

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Yahoooo.. another trip.. Alhamdulillah.. Its 3 days holiday.. somehow we must go somewhere.. within malaysia will be crazy traffic of car and people.. so its must be out site. We choose Surabaya, its the place we never been too.. We bought the flight and hotel 3 night 2 week before the trip using airasiago.com cost us RM1400.. we both get bz got not much time to study what and where to visit in surabaya.

When finally the day came, we got to know must place to visit its the mount bromo.. oh yeah, with only slipper and no jacket nothing prepare for this kinda trip.. we just go for it.. early the day we when to ETC Mall, local said that the place where you can buy things cheap.. we get ourself a jacket cost about 45kRp.. since its cheap, we buy more for families.. hehe.. slipper.. i thnk its ok to wear with sock.. huhu.. Start trip from surabaya to bromo at 11pm, we reach there at 3am. From there need to get jeep to go almost at the top. For the jeep, there is different price based on place you wanna go.. we took 4 place to visit cost us 850kRp (since its weekend, cost extra). The place area: see sunrise, kawah, bukit teletubbies (Bukit Savana Bromo) and pasir berbisik.. The price of jeep are include the entrance fee.

The sunrise the jeep took 1 hour to reach the point. its very cold.. imagine only with slipper and sock.. fuhh crazy.. have to wait almost 1 hour before the sun came out.. it was beautiful.. awesome moment. Then see the Kawah (crater) .. another jeep trip maybe half an hour, i dont know i fall asleep.. huhu.. then reach some point the jeep cant go thru, you have an option either to walk or use horse.. its quite far, you guy must use horse.. coz after tht you have to climb up on 250 stair to reach at Kawah.. fuh.. at the kawah, smell of sulfur very strong you will feel hardly to breath. I stay up there for less than 1 minute, then immediately go down. Then another jeep trip, to see the bukit teletubbies (Bukit Savana Bromo) and pasir berbisik.. nothing much there, but it is nice to visit.. for the return ride from our hotel at surabaya to bromo cost us 1mRp.. get additional charge 100kRp for every hour.. we get back late since we stop many place a long the way, cost us 700kRp for extra 7 hour.. huhu..

The trip is more about relaxing, we dont do much except for the mount bromo. Other than that, just having long hour sleep, eat local food and massage.. everything run smoothly.. bless with the time I have..

For Indonesia Airasia, they always have weight bag checking before you enter the waiting room or when boarding.. we had this 2 times, one in bandung and again in surabaya. we have extra weight on our luggage, even tot its a small beg.. so have to remind dont get exceed when travel to these airport..

Opps I stil have not complete my trip to cebu and tioman trip.. will be next time..

Friday, July 3, 2015

No Tepon Tong Gas PETRONAS PV20

Perkhidmatan penghantaran gas memasak Petronas / Tong Gas Dapur Masak
Nombor Untuk Order GAS PETRONAS
Hanya Untuk PV20 - 03 - 4131 7338
Order tong gas lain, PV20 tak bagi masuk,
Cam hampeh kan.
So kene order dari no tu, kedai runcit kat bawah umah.. PV20, Off jln Genting Klang, Setapak

Friday, May 29, 2015

Cebu Philipine - Bantayan Island

Love the place.. so much thing we do.. 7D6N.. while wrote this, i need to study for my diving exam next week.. fuh! I cant really blogging now.. will continue later..

Its 7 days of trip. its has been an awesome days.
Day 0: 30th - Reach Cebu City!! Watch IMAX
Day 1: 1th  - Oslob - Shark Wales, Waterfall
Day 2: 2nd  - Cebu City Walk Around
Day 3: 3rd  - To The Bantayam Island
Day 4: 4th  - Virgin Island
Day 5: 5th  - Bantayan Island Tour
Day 6: 6th  - To the Airport

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to group by DESC order

You do group by, then you want to get the latest/smallest value. see below example

Table name `log`

select * from `log` group by name return below

select id,name,min(date) from `log` group by name return below

Another example: SELECT max(id) as id, asker FROM questions GROUP by asker

Tag: Give priority to ORDER BY over a GROUP BY in MySQL without subquery, SQL query ordering by alternating group ID

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pulau Perhentian

The island.. this year we plan so many thing with island, beach.. nice to have it and experience it. we bought the package at matta fair. cost about 800rm for 2, i cant recall the exact price.. normal me, i easily forget thing.. it cover the book transfer, hotel, 3 times meal a day and snorkeling package.

it was sudden plan as she want the beach in malaysia.. so i surprise by book the package.. in 2 week, we goin there.. i told her tht.. then can see her eyes sparkling.. hehe..

the journey begin travel from kl to kuala besut. since the bus station already move to TBS which in cheras, we have to travel by taxi to get there.. took about almost 1 hour and cost about 40RM.. the bus ticket easily can purchase online. u have many option for the bus. TBS was new for me, we have to search for the counter to exchange the ticket (not neccessacy), and checkout the terminal number. its cool place, more proper and convineet. not so much trouble. got food store summore, atm.

The journey to kuala besut is about 8 hour. we reach early around 5am. we have to wait until 9am for the jetty to open. the jetty is exaclty where the bus drop u. so not need to worry of getting lost. paid another 10rm for marin fees. then get to the boat. do take note where is ur resort, its either perhentian kecil or besar. i guess kecil is more happening, coz got local live there.. while besar, each resort are far from others.

Reach at the resort we upgrade our room, since at the matta fair they only give budget room which cant change. luckly the room avaiable, and we can switch.. good good.. the first day, nothing much to do, just walk along the beach.. the second day we go snorkeling!!! it was awesome.. dem pretty coral guys.. super dem a lot of fish.. big fish.. its the best.. cant ask for more.. like i dont wanna go home.. but at the resort itself, nothing much to do.. eat and eat.. sleep and sleep.. hehe.. well it a nice weekend.. dive and snorkeling are the best here.. see some photo and perhaps video we catch while snorkeling.. hehe.. yup first time try snap underwater photo..

next trip: cebu island (bantayan) and tioman for dive!!!

Mabul Island

wow.. how can i miss this one.. the awesome place ever!! how to get to mabul, get flight to tawau. then u have to travel by bus or taxi to semporna. that time i go alone, i have to cover a taxi from the airport to semporna about RM100/RM80. i dont remember exactly.. i bought a package from this guy http://scubajeffsipadan.com/.. its cover the boat transfer, meal, snorkeling package. they have many package u can choose.. dive, etc...

The island itself have many other option for the stay. u can look for uncle chang for exmple.. many more.i dont know much.. but i see a lot when I'm there. for scuba jeff, they have office at the land (semporna), contact them, they will give u the direction. they take u to the jetty to go to the island. I guess take about 45 min.. its so beautiful.. just take a look at the pic.. the best part, they don't have monsoon. so u can go there at anytime.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lombok + Bali

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.. no other word can describe.. how do we get 2 place at one time?? i dont know its consider as lucky or bad or coincidence.. whatever it is, Alhamdulillah.. Allah maha besar dan mengetahui.. Thanks to Allah for everything.. we save.. and for the experience..

What we plan actually to Lombok which is only 4 days 3 night holiday. the flight back to kl was cancel due to airport lombok closure. none flight could take off. the airasia provide us hotel and meal 3 times a day for 2 day. that just a bless.. Alhamdulillah..

(Tuesday) We already at the airport, check in, paid the airport tax and only wait for boarding.. first anouncement delay for 3 hour.. standard procedure i guess, coz other flight have declared cancel. after 3 hours, airasia and the airport staff told the flight could not take off. they will arrange a bus a take everyone to some hotel (bless). All of us in total 3 bus.. stay at i think 4 star hotel (probably tht the only hotel can accomudate us all - bless) at Mataram, which is about an hour from the airport. Arrive at the hotel welcome with welcome drink, everyone lineup to take the room key (bless). After done with the room, everyone had dinner at the hotel restaurant (provided by the hotel - bless). We got news said tomorow morning the bus will take us back to the airport for the flight back to kl. so next morning (Wednesday), everyone get ready with all bag waiting for the bus. a few hours waiting, another news came tht the bus only will come at 6pm.. Aih.. eveyone go back to room. me and syiema took this opportunity to go around mataram... enjoy ourselves another day at others country.. bless.. But again at 6pm they say the airport still close. we have to stay another night here. tomorow the bus will come. Tomorow early morning they said the bus and the AA crue will come here. (Thursday) Never expected they said, they cannot tell when exactly the flight can take off.. Now this is endless waiting, everyeone here decide we have to go to bali. otherwise we all will stuck here.. at 12 noon.. we all move together in total 3 bus, to senggigi to get a boat to bali.. which is everything we have to pay own (from the bus ride, boat and van at bali to airport).. the journey take almost 10 hour.. most of the time are waiting.. waiting for the bus, waiting for the boat, waiting for the van, traffic, etc.. only a few of us get the last flight from bali to kl. so me wait another day at bali. (Friday) since so many of us, we have to devide ourselves to get a seat flight to kl.. me get the noon flight. what the heck, if tht so, i just stay here over the weekend man, some how i would not get to the offce by the time i reach KL.. so the Holiday begin.. hehhehe.

Well let start with Lombok.. Lombok awesome.. prefect place for honeymoon.. hehe.. its really relaxing, im so definately gonna come again. our flight reach lombok at 7pm, we took a taxi to go to our shotstay at Rinjani Beach Eco Resort. took a bout 3 hour journey.. since it late we could not get boat to go to gili air directly. The next morning we took taxi to public jetty to go to gili air. we plan to use the public boat, which will cost cheaper 10krupiah something, but then i accidently pay for the private boat.. erk snap my head coz i didnt look closly for the thing i pay.. Nevermind.. with private boat the journey become faster and safer.. we stay at gili air.. at 7seas cottage.. nice room.. near to everywhere.. we go snorkeling.. we spent a day at gili tarawangan to see the pasar malam.. we rent a bicycle which i think is a must there... lepak at the beach, dining at the beach, mandi2.. best giler lah!!!..

And Bali.. it just nice having her with me.. the hotel we have very nice.. we rent a bike go around nusa dua, uluwatu, jimbaran. we stop to see the beach, people surfing.. we get sunburn a lot forget to wear proper cloth. huhuh.. next day we get the tour package see dance show, temple, mountain, many things.. shopping is a mustt... huhu... last day went back flight to kl smoothly.. Alhamdulillah.

*.. No pic since i broke the phone we use to snap all the pic.. dem!

Lombok + Bali

Rinjani Beach Eco Resort

Tawau + Kunak + Lahad Datu + Kota Kinabalu + Sandakan

This is her family day.. the holiday start the next day after my last day at my last company until a day before i start at new company. I have plan this offcoz.. i know when is my last day.. then i deal with the new company only after a week i'll join them.. brilliant.. i can have happly freely holiday.. once the date confirm, we get the flight and find rent car for the whole week there.. immediately reach tawau, we get the rent car when to her home which at kunak. the next day early morning i guess at 4pm we start the journey to KK.. its very long hour i guess we reach there at 5pm something. pheww.. we do stop at many placess actually.. we rent apartment. easy for us since we have many people. its holiday for her family, we try many thing.. before that we visit her relative at kampung air, which is fine family.. lovely, they have not seen each other many year.. they become closer after that.. bless.. she did many thing for her mom.. i learn that a lot how she treat her mother, which i dont do much for my mom.. i love you mom.. wish i can be good daughter for u.. done all stuff for her mom, now we do what we have plan for their family day.. we go snorkeling.. hehe.. then we go for seafood steamboat buffet... which her mom mistakenly thought the seafood as 'siput'.. hahah funny.. her mom force everyone to eat a lottttt before we go there, her mom tot we gonna eat siput only.. when we reach there, then only her mom understand, it was seafood.. rugi2 sbb sudah makan banyak..

then we also watch movie, experience for her 2 litle sister.. we wait until 1am to watch the movie.. it was late, coz that the only scary movie they have at the hour.. huhu really good experience.. then we also visit sabah museum.. Done with KK, we make a move to Sandakan.. Which quite long hour journey too.. we reach quite late, check in hotel. Only next morning we all visit her relative. spent time at sandakan was nice.. they got beach... nice.. spent a few day then went back to her hometown.. since her father not come with us, we have to get back early. she need to spend some hour with her dad too.. the holiday is awesome.. for us, her family, everyone.. its good to spent time with family.. i need tht too.. will plan holiday with my family too.. :)


Yup Im blog.. now.. at office hour.. im so  dem bz nowdays.. New workplace are awesome.. so much programming.. that what i love to do. wait.. why im blog? yup, im doing programing and testing which require alot.. like very a lottttt of waiting.. dem! hate that.. ofcoz its part of job.. what to do

Alrite let continue with what i have left so many year...

Last year for her birthday celebration.. we go to Universal Studio Singapore!!!!!.. We drove From KL to Johor use PLUS highyway.. not remember how long it take and cost for the toll, sorry for that.. Johor we stay at zoom inn boutique hotel. Why we choose the hotel, because the place is really nearby to the agency where provide bus transfer to USS. Other than that u also can find Tune Hotel near by. Not to worry if u have other hotel, coz the place at the agency got space for park. The hotel that i have... mmm.. its too small for me.. i dont know bout others.. if u compare to tune hotel i think it almost the same size.. but the design are nice.. very cozy modern plus baliness.. i dont know bout the other type of room they have. the room i have is Deluxe Queen. we booked for 3 nite cost us RM338.88 from agoda. there is no restaurant nearby.. so its pretty hard.. we have to go out to find one. overall nothing much we do... the best bout the hotel they have Universal Studios Singapore (Daily Shuttle Service Available Through Reception).

The agency we have to go to USS i forgot the name.. it just nearby, walking distance from the hotel. the package with 5sgd coupun for the meal, uss ticket, transfer johor to singapore by bus. dont forget to bring ur passport. it very hasty to go down from the bus when u at the border.. very long queu.. but overall everything are nice.. the weather was raining but the time we reach USS, the sun comeout lovely..

picture will be add later (kalau rajin). I still have pending a few more story or event.. i really need to blog, coz i forgot thing easily. below are the list:-
1. Sabah The Family Day (8D7N)
2. Lombok+Bali (8D7N)
3. Pulau Perhentian (3D2N)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Setup new project for Yii Framework

1. Download yii framework from their website
2. Extract and place whole folder into root folder. if its wampp it will be under www folder. if it xampp, under htdocs. The downloaded folder will have:

3. Add below path at environment variable

4. Create new folder of your project inside root folder. Example: personal
5. Run yiic (command line tool) from cmd to create new project. Below code will auto generate
yiic webapp "C:\wamp\www\personal"
6. Default login admin/admin

Setup gii to create model - able to auto generate a page together with crud (create, read, update, delete operation)
1. enable things, find protected/config/main.php line 24
// If removed, Gii defaults to localhost only. Edit carefully to taste.

2. add menu, find protected/views/layouts/main.php line 31
array('label'=>'Gii', 'url'=>array('/gii')),
array('label'=>'Home', 'url'=>array('/site/index')),
array('label'=>'About', 'url'=>array('/site/page', 'view'=>'about')),
array('label'=>'Contact', 'url'=>array('/site/contact')),
array('label'=>'Login', 'url'=>array('/site/login'), 'visible'=>Yii::app()->user->isGuest),
array('label'=>'Logout ('.Yii::app()->user->name.')', 'url'=>array('/site/logout'), 'visible'=>!Yii::app()->user->isGuest)

3. from gii page, click model generator. choose table to use to create a form/page. the label and input text are taken from table itself. set model name (any name).
4. from gii page, click crud generator. choose the model (newly created). click preview and generate.
5. Review the newly page created here. http://localhost/personal/index.php?r=post simply add the menu for this newly created menu as per below:
array('label'=>'Gii', 'url'=>array('/gii')),
array('label'=>'Home', 'url'=>array('/site/index')),
array('label'=>'About', 'url'=>array('/site/page', 'view'=>'about')),
array('label'=>'Contact', 'url'=>array('/site/contact')),
array('label'=>'Login', 'url'=>array('/site/login'), 'visible'=>Yii::app()->user->isGuest),
array('label'=>'Logout ('.Yii::app()->user->name.')', 'url'=>array('/site/logout'), 'visible'=>!Yii::app()->user->isGuest),
array('label'=>'Post', 'url'=>array('/post'))