Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trip to Bangkok

Erk.. dah berkurun.. baru nk upload.. not much to say becoz this more like our business trip.. but we do sempat selit melawat tempat menarik or things to do kat bangkok..

our flight early pagi bertolak, reach there bout noon. we first confuse, what should we take to go to our hotel.. but then we decide to take private airport transport. i dont remember the cost for it, but again we have an option either to take the highway or just normal road.. my advice is to take the highway, just extra 65bath.. the trafic are bad.

reach at the hotel, settle everything with the room, the receptionist start to promote the hotel package. 2 3 package seem awesome. so we had our first dinner at the cruise crossing mekong river. good package, they have traditional dance show, erk the food (i was not confident myself bout the halal issue so i only had dessert - they also have sushi, italian spageti, rice, etc..), some nice monumen along the river, fresh air or mekong river.. took about 1hour and half trip... cost about 3000bath for 2.

next day, we start early morning to visit the floating market. please be warned.. its a market, but dont buy anything.. everything are high expensive..becoz of the exchange rate we accidently bought 2 fridge magnet for 200bath.. mahal ooo.. the most expensive fridge magnet i ever bought.. the visit took about 1 hour cost us 1600bath for 2.

then we have package to visit famous temple aka reclining budha.. cost us 2000bath for 2.. enuf for the fun.. then we do what we suppose to do here.. main reason why we visit bangkok.. business trip!!! work!! work!!

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