Sunday, April 20, 2014

Buy JPJ Car Plate Number Malaysia

The step about having nice car/motor/superbike/lorry JPJ plate number.. Buying new car would never expected to have your favourite number as your plate number with as low as RM500 only. People don't know bout this, neither do i.

Its simple process..

Check your chosen plate number from my blog right side menu.. ==>>

If exist, then the price as per it is.. Always contact the person in charge (Syiema) for best best price..
If not exist, then contact Syiema for low budget category number (running number). They will get u the latest alphabet number.. now running WA----B (as per today 17/05/2014)

Once agreed with the price, u just need to
  1. Foward car/vehicle owner IC for personal registration or Foward Borang 9 for company registration. They accept by email / whatapp
  2. Pay deposit as low as RM200

Simple as that.. indeed.. once you have made full payment, they will start process and some can take as fast as 3 working day.

Best Part:
The price are final.. already include Interchange.. No hidden charge.. Always always contact Syiema for best best best price.. :)

Who can buy?
  • Car owner from other state (Sarawak/Melaka) can buy Kuala Lumpur plate number
  • Car owner from other state (Kuala Lumpur/Perak) can buy Sabah/Sarawak plate number

Why pay high for Plate number?
Nice Plate Number are actually an asset. The price will get increase after some time

Contact Person Incharge
Call / SMS: +6 017-778 3979
Call / SMS / Whatapp: +6 011-2825 9397
Address: Jalan Kilang 1, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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