Friday, February 21, 2014

Android Application Development

Android Application Development! Yup, complete the 5 days training. Feeling great coz now I know the trick how to develop and deploy the mobile app..

Not much hard than i tot on the process.. Easier when you already  know the trick on how to deploy a website..

For the android application development, you not dealing with single language.. you have to get your hand dirty on:-

  1. Java
  2. Eclipse IDE for mobile developer - especially on the android emulator
  3. XML
  4. JQueryMobile - complete with javascript and css for mobile app themes
Java always the hard part for me.. But that's not the problem since the android mobile do support PHP.. Hehe.. It still can run with apache server.. 

At the end of the class, I manage to complete one mobile app the work fine easier for my love sima to do her work! Glad i can help her.. 

P/S: Any idea what mobile apps that you wanna own? Do call me, and we can make it happen.. :)

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