Monday, December 23, 2013

PC restarting and never show windows

How to Repair a Damaged Hard Drive Using CHKDSK

This article applies to Windows XP/2000 

Over time, your hard drive could develop errors for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons are: 

  • Improper Shutdowns 
  • Power Outages
  • Power Surges
  • Age of Drive
In this article I will explain a method that can repair a damaged hard drive. It is also possible to be able to tell if the hard drive is nearing its end by using this method.

Warning: Depending on the extent of the damage to your hard drive, this test can cause the hard drive to actually fail. So, prior to running this test, be sure to backup all data.

Start Repair Method:

  1. Insert your Windows XP/2000 installation CD and restart your computer to launch the CD. If you receive a prompt asking what boot method you would like to use. Select the option that allows you to boot from the installation CD. 
  2. The next prompt will ask what you would like to do? Select the letter "R" to enter the Windows Recovery Console. 
  3. When asked what partition you would like to boot to, select the partition that has your Windows operating system installed on it. You may be asked for an administrator password at this point. If you use one, then enter it now. If not, simply press enter to continue. 
  4. A command prompt should now appear. Type in the following command and then press enter on your keyboard: chkdsk /p 
  5. Your system will begin testing for errors on your drive. If you receive a message that states; "One or more errors detected on the volume", then it is possible to use CHKDSK to repair these errors. If no errors were found, CHKDSK will not be able to repair your drive. 
  6. If one or more errors were found, type in the following command at the command prompt and then press enter on your keyboard: chkdsk /r 
  7. Once you press enter, the CHKDSK utility will begin checking every sector on your hard drive for errors and automatically repair them. This test could take some time depending on the size of your hard drive.
  8. Once your system stops scanning and returns you to the command prompt, type the following command again, then press enter: chkdsk /p
  9. If after the scan completes and it has found no errors, this means that you have successfully repaired your drive. If errors are again reported, this means that the CHKDSK utility was unable to repair these errors and it could also indicate that the drive is on its last leg.
  10. Exit the Recovery Console and remove your Windows XP/2000 installation CD. Be sure to (if you haven't already) backup all data on your drive.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trip to Yogjakarta

Update from last trip g Yogjakarta.. Walaupun at first agak frust beli tiket flight xcheck weather dulu masa the end it was an awesome trip... Check weather online its a monsoon, tp cuaca cerah terang n sangat best.

Macam biasa before trip, we study dem hard bout evrything kat situ.. its to prepare ourself kat sana nnti.. hotel, insurance, checkin sume dh settle awal.. we just have problem pasal cuti.. both flight on saturday, late evening friday tu baru both confirm dapat cuti.. Fuuh!

Hari keberangkatan, naik bas kat kl sentral to lcct.. no issue, depart on time.. a bit worry pasal hand luggage sbb ada bawak cecair lebih had.. but then ok boleh lepas.. i guess between indon n malaysia security xketat sangat kot..

Reach there quite late sbb sana awal sejam.. si sima punyala nk budget sanggup naik bas.. tot jus a few minute trip, endup it was 45 minute.. fuuhhhh.. pape pun its a an experience.. mmg awesome.. down to earth talk to people which is they all same, terasa kat malaysia.. coz they all muslim, same culture, pakai hp sume canggih.. trendy.. nice.. reaching jalan malioboro we have problem finding our hotel, best bout my love sima, she is very humble ringan mulut tanye org.. we manage find the hotel our own and check in.. hehe

The hotel awesome, clasic, find stuf in wood, nice pool, nice dining place.. ohya breakfast included. the best nearby to shopping port... and their electrical port are different from malaysia, luckly we done google before so we manage to buy the extension port.. and for us also we bought extension plug so that we can charge many thing at one time.. hehe.. done check in, chill a bit, we immediate kuar jln2 tgk port shopping.. everything are murah, not just sima, aku pun rambang mata..

For the candi trip, we took the packge with the hotel..good price which is ok.. 100krp for each, not include the entrance fee to candi..The candi its not big compare to Angkor Wat in Cambodia.. But it still something, unique design..

Other than that we do a lot of tour at town using beca.. we try many street food.. we do spa, mandi susu and scrub... hehe.. hair treatment and ofcoz massage.. and lot lot of shopping... We do miss a lot of place to visit actually, so hv to remind sima next time -> NO to shoping.. OK? Tour with beca it is something must to try.. ;)

Kuar dari airport terus cari bas station.. Study map (kononnyela...)

Us on first dinner kat Yogjakarta.. hehe

Kat Candi Borobudur

Candi Parambanan

Taman Sari

The food we try

The street food.. Yummyyy

The hotel pool

The electrical plug yee.. tengok betul2.. 

Last.. bye bye..;)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pentaho Report Design: Report parameter with SQL 'LIKE' syntax

Awesome Solution...

WHERE customername LIKE CONCAT(${name_parameter} , '%')