Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Firefox how to allow seach from address bar

How to do quick search from your browser. As always when u pres alt+T, your cursor will pointed to your address bar. It is most faster if u can just type what ever u want immediately. Some setting for example my firefox already set to use Well i dont really into anything else rather than only Google. So i need to change those to Google. Below will be the step to making Google as the search engine.

Step 1:
Type in about:config in your address bar. it will bring you to a page that says this might void your warrenty, click the button that says I'll be careful, I promise.

Step 2:
Search for modify this to Google

Step 3:
Search for modify this to

** Incase you didnt found any when you do search, you can right click the list > New > String. All those changes are immidiate effect. So make sure you write it down (backup) somewhere before make any changes.

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