Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pulau Redang Island tips

1. Mostly the resort are coming with package, which is already include meal, boat transfer and snorkeling.
2. There is no such a private beach but no worry there is not many people so still u can have ur own privacy
3. Getting to jetty by car, no issue, they have alot parking lot.
4. Getting to jetty by bus.. u can get it online for bus (sani express, tranasional).. but for the best relaxing long hour travel better get bus "Adik-Beradik".. but u have to walkin to purchase the ticket bus since they dont have online service.. Locate "Hentian Putra" walking distance form PWTC lrt station for ticket counter.
5. There is 2 jetty transfer to redang island. Jetty Merang and Jetty Shahbandar. For Jetty shahbandar just walking distance from Kuala Terengganu Bus Station. probably about 10 minutes. Walk toward "Pasar Payang Kuala Terengganu".
6. From Jetty Shahbandar to Redang Island take about One and Half Hour.