Friday, July 22, 2011

Bitnami unable to login to postgres

Issue #1:
i have download and installed Bitnami into my machine. Then i have download and installed the postgres tool - phpPgAdmin. Both are successfully installed.. My problem come when i unable to login to phpPgAdmin.

Issue #2:
During the installation process after I entered the password for the user ‘postgres’ (Which I had to create myself?) I was given an error message:
“Unable to set the phppgadmin authorized user”
The rest of the install finished fine, but trying to access phppgadmin results in an internal server error with any attempt to access it.

Issue #3:
I’m having trouble logging in postgresql, the failure to sign him for identification. I’ve tried reinstalling but it did not.
I am using the user ‘administrator’ and password you created when you install the software.

There are two login steps with the phpPgAdmin panel. The first one is to login to reach the panel.
The Panel at: Start > All Program > Bitnami WAPPStack > Manager Tool
You must insert “administrator” as the user and the password you supplied during the installation.

Once you are in the panel, you have to log to the PostgreSQL database.
From Browser > http://localhost/ > find: "You can access the built-in management tool phpPgAdmin here"
Here the username is “postgres” and the password the one you supplied during the installation. It is the same password the two times.

From now on, you can create PostgreSQL users with the panel, so next time you will be able to log, as the users you create, to the databases. But the “administrator” user to access the panel will always remain the same.

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