Friday, October 29, 2010

What new?

Nothing much to story lately.. Bz with work.. the office work.. Running 2 system at one time.. totally different environment. Sharepoint and Siebel. Got myself certified for Sharepoint and now struggling to get my Siebel Certified.. once in hand, i can control the company.. muahaha..

And my freelance.. gosh.. im stuck with 2 job.. one is doing the website for a wellknwn restaurant at kl. and the other one is a web base system.. got the basic done.. and got it run online already.. just need to upgrade more function on it..

Got offer from another company.. thinking to move for a better salary offcourse.. but not goin to take it.. Focusing on different skill.. im no sure bout it.. quite comfortable already with current skill.. love to learn more.. so i decide to stay.. and the new company.. they still offer me to do freelance work with them.. so i just wait for them to give any job..

and my life.. gosh.. its.. no comment.. its hard.. life changing.. a lot of thing goin on.. dono its a good or bad changing.. but im adapt to it.. even tho struggle a bit.. but yet still its the most best thing happen.. thank you sayang.. love to have your support..

and for u.. i be always love you...

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