Friday, October 29, 2010

Pertandingan Memancing Dataran Lumut 5 November 2010

Haaaaaa.. pakat mari ramai.. sapa2 yang duk gila kaki mancing.. mai mai.. dtg ka Lumut.. Skang ni ada pertandingan memancing.. betui2 depan dataran tu.. Sapa yang duk plan nk jalan2 lumut.. bawak sesiap batang mancing.. sampai2 boleh teruih mancing..

Baik nya promo.. Ini lagi satu site kije.. bukan apa.. tuan umah website tu yang duk anjor.. so again need the promotion.. i think google are more easily to track from blogspot.. compare to each website..

more inform sal mancing2 ni.. gi jengok kat site ni..


The website actually is promoting both Langkawi Island and Pangkor Island.. They do provide package that suitable ur need. Eg: Honeymoon package, Travel Package, Team building package, Family Package. All information regarding hotel, chalet, apartment, condo ur can just ask them. They have experience handlingg a group of people from differnt company such as CIMB, Cybetic College and many more. They also can guide u to travel any place in malaysia. Happy travelling all.. :)

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Malaysia Digital Wedding and Event Videography

Sambil-sambil menyelam duk wat keje opis.. ada gak la duk menyeduk wat kije lain..


as for the title.. im doing.. not me, actually just guiding the owner to do the site.. and the site need extra promote into a google.. site the hosting not very supportive enuf to up the site to the google.. so here it is..

For those yang berminat to do a videography for their wedding. Or need live projection for any of ur big event.. Compile and make a DVD copy of ur wedding and event.. Or u guys have the skill but not yet to afford all the video tools, they also provide Videography equipment rental.

VIDEO2U Production provide affordable and quality video for everyone. Services: Wedding Videos, Wedding Videos, Live Projection / Multi Camera Production, Video Editing, Training/ Promotional Video, Projection Equipment Rentals, Video Format Conversion, DVD/VCD Duplication, Live Internet Streaming, and many more..

Here is the sample of their video editing..

What new?

Nothing much to story lately.. Bz with work.. the office work.. Running 2 system at one time.. totally different environment. Sharepoint and Siebel. Got myself certified for Sharepoint and now struggling to get my Siebel Certified.. once in hand, i can control the company.. muahaha..

And my freelance.. gosh.. im stuck with 2 job.. one is doing the website for a wellknwn restaurant at kl. and the other one is a web base system.. got the basic done.. and got it run online already.. just need to upgrade more function on it..

Got offer from another company.. thinking to move for a better salary offcourse.. but not goin to take it.. Focusing on different skill.. im no sure bout it.. quite comfortable already with current skill.. love to learn more.. so i decide to stay.. and the new company.. they still offer me to do freelance work with them.. so i just wait for them to give any job..

and my life.. gosh.. its.. no comment.. its hard.. life changing.. a lot of thing goin on.. dono its a good or bad changing.. but im adapt to it.. even tho struggle a bit.. but yet still its the most best thing happen.. thank you sayang.. love to have your support..

and for u.. i be always love you...