Friday, July 23, 2010

Urut Massage Treatment Therapy Reflexology at Setiawangsa

Urut, Massage, Treatment, Therapy, Reflexology at Setiawangsa or Wangsa Maju

Yes... its all about massage.. it really hard to find this kind of place... i have google it n got no result... i have been moving around keep my eyes on this kinda of place... rarely found it near at my place.. well guess what.. its very the most shocking place that i never tot it could be.... JJ Setiawangsa AU2 ... The-Arokaya Thai Massage... and the place has been there since the JJ started..

I found this place when im waiting for my haircut... at first i tot the place is selling some Buddhist staff.. then i saw the banner.. it cant be real!!! The Thai Massage.. OMG!!.. immediately after done the haircut.. went there for having nice thai massage.. woops.. but not me.. im wont dare for this kinda thing.... so i just let my "orang umah" to having the thai massage... the place is awesome.. nice.. quite.. peacefully.. the massage is good.. thinking of goin there again.. here is the snapshot of the place...

Entrance.. The-Arokaya locate at 1st floor Lot F21

The package, Price, Business hour and Contact No for ur booking..

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