Thursday, May 13, 2010

Siebel: Quote Screen - Cant do Customize

Siebel eCommunication
Screen: Quotes
Applet: Quote Item List Applet

Adding new product or line item is successful.. then try to customize u get this error
Cannot Execute workflow process definition ''.(SBL-BPR-00158)

Deploy this workflow
SIS OM Edit Delta Quote Line Item
Configurator Eligibility Compatibility Workflow
Configurator PAC Query

Where to deploy??
Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Workflow Deployment

Siebel actually cant tell what the error based on alert error that u get.. the error message given is so general.. for junior in siebel, u might try googling to find the answer... if u so lucky u can find one.. Tips for its to look at log file.. the log file can tell u more info bout the error u got.. where is the log file??

some machine might have different location.. depend how u set the log file or where u install the siebel.. but i give u my path hoping urs are locate same as mine..

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