Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to set your Facebook URL?

How to set how to know yours ours Facebook URL. if your facebook profile show long address for example: mean that u dont have specific url for your facebook account yet.. so what u can do to get ur facebook account url is..

simply click here: (not need to change the [username] to ur username, just leave it as username..)

there the facebook will give u some related username that u can choose. u can just pick one. and remember!! u can only choose once.. once u already pick u cannot change again after this.. maybe can.. i dono.. in different way maybe..

but for those who already set their username.. they cant see any but only showing what ur username that u already choose.. telling that "Your username has been set". so becareful what to choose for ur username.. afraid someday u will feel like to delete ut facebook account just becoz of the bad name..

so Good Luck

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