Monday, December 20, 2010

How to install PHP4, MySQL on IIS7, Window Server 2008

This is the additional Step for PHP4 to follow...
Double-click “Handler Mappings” from the main IIS screen.
Click on “Add Script Map.”
Set up the handler mapping for c:\PHP\php5isapi.dll with extension *.php and check to allow the ISAPI extension and execution of scripts.
Double-click “ISAPI & CGI Restrictions” on the main IIS screen. Right-click on PHP and select “Edit Feature Settings” and check “Allow unspecified ISAPI modules.”
Right-click on the Default Application Pool (or the one you want to use if more than one) and select “Advanced Settings.”
Change the “Enable 32-bit Applications” to True. Click OK. This spawns the App Pool in 32-bit mode, so if you have other modules that need to be run in 64-bit mode, best to separate the website into two App Pools: one 32-bit and one 64-bit.
Restart the server.

This is the remark for the MySQL installation
the only combination that works .....
If I choose "Developer Machine" I can write out the config file.
If I choose "Non-transactional database" (no Innodb, only ISAM) then I can get the
service to restart.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pertandingan Memancing Dataran Lumut 5 November 2010

Haaaaaa.. pakat mari ramai.. sapa2 yang duk gila kaki mancing.. mai mai.. dtg ka Lumut.. Skang ni ada pertandingan memancing.. betui2 depan dataran tu.. Sapa yang duk plan nk jalan2 lumut.. bawak sesiap batang mancing.. sampai2 boleh teruih mancing..

Baik nya promo.. Ini lagi satu site kije.. bukan apa.. tuan umah website tu yang duk anjor.. so again need the promotion.. i think google are more easily to track from blogspot.. compare to each website..

more inform sal mancing2 ni.. gi jengok kat site ni..


The website actually is promoting both Langkawi Island and Pangkor Island.. They do provide package that suitable ur need. Eg: Honeymoon package, Travel Package, Team building package, Family Package. All information regarding hotel, chalet, apartment, condo ur can just ask them. They have experience handlingg a group of people from differnt company such as CIMB, Cybetic College and many more. They also can guide u to travel any place in malaysia. Happy travelling all.. :)

TAG: Malaysia Pulau Pangkor & Pulau Langkawi & Pangkor Island & Langkawi Island Holiday Package Chalet, Resort, Hotel, Apartment

Malaysia Digital Wedding and Event Videography

Sambil-sambil menyelam duk wat keje opis.. ada gak la duk menyeduk wat kije lain..


as for the title.. im doing.. not me, actually just guiding the owner to do the site.. and the site need extra promote into a google.. site the hosting not very supportive enuf to up the site to the google.. so here it is..

For those yang berminat to do a videography for their wedding. Or need live projection for any of ur big event.. Compile and make a DVD copy of ur wedding and event.. Or u guys have the skill but not yet to afford all the video tools, they also provide Videography equipment rental.

VIDEO2U Production provide affordable and quality video for everyone. Services: Wedding Videos, Wedding Videos, Live Projection / Multi Camera Production, Video Editing, Training/ Promotional Video, Projection Equipment Rentals, Video Format Conversion, DVD/VCD Duplication, Live Internet Streaming, and many more..

Here is the sample of their video editing..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

sharepoint.. how to show GET Value from URL

When u want to do the SelectCommand and u need the GET Value from URL.

Example: Example:

<asp:SqlDataSource runat="server" id="SqlDataSourceName"
SelectCommand="SELECT * from <table> where diskid=@diskid">
<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="diskid" QueryStringField="DiskID" Type="Int32" />

Friday, July 23, 2010

Urut Massage Treatment Therapy Reflexology at Setiawangsa

Urut, Massage, Treatment, Therapy, Reflexology at Setiawangsa or Wangsa Maju

Yes... its all about massage.. it really hard to find this kind of place... i have google it n got no result... i have been moving around keep my eyes on this kinda of place... rarely found it near at my place.. well guess what.. its very the most shocking place that i never tot it could be.... JJ Setiawangsa AU2 ... The-Arokaya Thai Massage... and the place has been there since the JJ started..

I found this place when im waiting for my haircut... at first i tot the place is selling some Buddhist staff.. then i saw the banner.. it cant be real!!! The Thai Massage.. OMG!!.. immediately after done the haircut.. went there for having nice thai massage.. woops.. but not me.. im wont dare for this kinda thing.... so i just let my "orang umah" to having the thai massage... the place is awesome.. nice.. quite.. peacefully.. the massage is good.. thinking of goin there again.. here is the snapshot of the place...

Entrance.. The-Arokaya locate at 1st floor Lot F21

The package, Price, Business hour and Contact No for ur booking..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Prestashop: "Your firstname contains some invalid character"

"Your firstname contains some invalid character"
"Cannot do step 4 in installing Prestashop"
"No admin user created for prestashop"
"table employee empty or no records"

Yup... all this error occurred when i try to installed PrestaShop.. even tho i download the fresh installer of this CMS from their own website.. its really a big bug.. took me a whole day to resolve this..

This script make a new admin-account so you can access “back office”.

Remember to delete this script after you have used it. Just a emergncy-tool.
Upload it to your back-office folder..

Hope this can help anyone here..

// This script add a new admin-account
// Delete this script from server after
// you have used it.
// Warning Very Big security-risk!!
// Upload it to your secret Back Office folder.
// Best regards KIH999

define('PS_ADMIN_DIR', getcwd());

<form name="formdata" action="newadmin.php">
<p><h1>Make a new admin account</h1></p><br>
<p>Remember long password (min 8 char long)</p>
<input type="hidden" name="key" value="OK" />
<td><input type="text" name="firstname" value="" size="30" /></td>
<td><input type="text" name="lastname" value="" size="30" /></td>
<td><input type="text" name="email" value="" size="30" /></td>
<td><input type="text" name="password" value="" size="30" /></td>
<input type="submit" value="Send" name="send" />

if ($_GET['key']=="OK") {

$delim =' , ';
$query = 'INSERT INTO '._DB_PREFIX_.'employee (id_employee, lastname, firstname, email, passwd, last_passwd_gen, active, id_profile) VALUES';
$query.= ' (NULL'; //ID_emp
$query.= '"'.pSQL($_GET['lastname']).'"'; //Last
$query.= '"'.pSQL($_GET['firstname']).'"'; //First
$query.= '"'.pSQL($_GET['email']).'"'; //Email
$query.= '"'.md5(pSQL(_COOKIE_KEY_.$_GET['password'])).'"'; //Password
$query.= '"'.date('Y-m-d h:i:s', strtotime('-360 minutes')).'"'; //Last_pass_gen
$query.=' 1, 1)'; //active,id_profile
$dbInstance = Db::getInstance();
$error['infosInsertSQL'] = '11';

Or just free download here: newadmin.php

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sg Klah... Again

yap.. once again visit the place.. TAMAN REKREASI AIR PANAS,SUNGAI KLAH, SUNGKAI...but this time tido semlm... :D

xnah plan pun.. aku xske merancang... klu merancang sure x menjadinye.. so this time.. terasa nk g.. terus je gerak.. memandangkan last saturday kene dtg opis kije.. so mintak la kat my PM, sok cuti bleh x? which is semalam.. selasa.. she said ok.. huhu... call org umah ckp im free on tuesday.. so what we should do.. well she leave it to me... aku pun google kat mana tmpt stay yg agak classy but still cheap..

wallah.. homestay sg klah.. not actually homestay.. its Felda Residence Hot Spring.. sebenarnye nk mandi air panas je.. then bile check bilik murah pulak.. then teros call them n make reservation..

after work terus gerak lik umah.. around 6.50 kuar umah gerak terus masuk highway plus... from sg buluh to exit sungkai.. take less than 2 hour with average speed 110kmph.. minyak about 25rm pergi saje.. toll lak cost about 14.10RM... kuar dari exit toll sungkai tu, take left.. simpang to sungai klah at ur left is about 5 minute from there... then drive 20 minute more to the hotspring.. just follow the signboard... the road at first is ok.. after 8 minute to location, jln dh mcm jln kampung.. agak buruk.. some part only 1 car can go over..

i reach there about 8.45pm something.. xsempat for our dinner.. sbb the room is include dinner, breakfas, ticket to private hotspring at nite and ticket to hotspring park at evening.. total 150PM per nite... everything for 2 person... quite berbaloi... ada massage.. tp xsempat.. frust dak umah...

the breakfast start at 8am to 10.30 am.. dinner start from 7pm to 9.30pm... by the time supposely we should be able to catchup our dinner, but we didnt told them that we coming tonite. otherwise they will left some dinner for us.. too bad.. so if u plan to come over check in at nite, make sure u inform them early so that they can left something for u..

so far the service.. very nice.. the place is double nice.. satu je xberapa berkenan.. the room seem like jarang people stay.. so kinda bau hapak.. n not well clean.. can see bantal macam x real puteh.. kuning2 je.. euw.. yg bantal spare nye la.. bantal yg kat katil ok.. superb.. so far.. for me the room is classy.. ala2 kayu.. i like that kinda place... lepak luar bilik pun damai je.. redup.. ni ada a few gambar i take from their website.. my picture ada kat hp dak umah.. nnti baru upload.. :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Toy Story 3

Bestttttttttt Gilerrrrrrrr
xrugi... first i tot cite ni mmg katon gile.. buang mase je tgk... baik tgk kat tv je.. yela kat astro katon melambak.. sama je..

but its totally different.. mmg awesome.. its really human thing.. its real.. story dlm tu mmg mantap.. its very detail..

part ending touching a bit.. bergelinang gak la mata ni.. huhu..

smlm layan yg screen biasa.. maybe klu in 3D lagi menjadi action nye kot..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why my xoops redirect to blank page?

Why do I have a blank white page on my site?

All so-called "blank pages" in Xoops are caused by an error which terminates the script early. The goal of this page is to help you turn some debugging features on so you can get a more meaningful picture of what is going wrong, preferably some error messages. Please keep in mind, there is always an error which is causing the "blank page -- it may just be hard to get at.

You will not get a response in the forums if you just type "Help me, I get a blank page" because there is no way for anyone to tell what is wrong. If you can also give a list of the error messages you see, your chances for solving the problem are much better. (Also don't forget to specify which version of xoops you are running, whether it was an upgrade from a previous version, also your versions of mysql, apache/other webserver, PHP, and which theme and template set you are using. If you are using a lot of non-standard modules, it would be a good idea to list those too.)

A: To turn on debugging try the following things:
1. If you can get to admininstration menu, go to Preferences, select 'Main', and find the section on debugging options. Choose "PHP Debugging"

2. If you can't get to the administration page, but have access to mysql, try the query "UPDATE xoops_config SET conf_value=1 WHERE conf_name = 'debug_mode'". Be sure to make sure "xoops_config" matches the name of the config table in your installation. (NOTE: This does not work with XOOPS 2.2, see 2a)

2a. In XOOPS 2.2, go to your site's root file "recovery.php" and set the debug settings through the interface here

3. If you can't get to the administration page, and don't want to mess with mysql, but don't mind messing with PHP, then edit the file "include/common.php". Near line 83, change "error_reporting(0);" to "error_reporting(E_ALL);".

4. If this still doesn't work, your server or hoster may have turned off debugging in "/etc/php.ini" (linux) or "WIN_DIRECTORY/php.ini" (windows). Make sure there is a line in there "display_errors On".

5. If you don't have access to change this file (e.g. on shared hosting), then if the server uses the "apache" webserver, you can create a file called ".htaccess" to override the settings locally. This file should contain the line: "php_flag display_errors on". The tricky part is WHERE to put this file. Look at the URL you are having problems with. Put the file in the corresponding directory. e.g. If it is "" or "" then you need to put the file in the main xoops directory. If it is something like "" then put it in "modules/system" subdirectory of your xoops installation. etc.

credit to:

Monday, June 14, 2010


Actually dh berbulan plan nk balik kelantan last weekend.. to those yg ajak kuar or hang out jgn la rasa cam aku tipu korang... im always bz.. i am bz.. non stop working either working for the company or for my freelance.. so klu ada free time.. either i spent for myself (tido wake-up late) or perabih duit dengan berjalan..

last weekend supposely balik kelantan coz my cousin kawin.. and supposely im on leave on last friday and today.. and supposely to help put paint on my mom's new house.... sume xjadi since my lil bro xdpt cuti... what to do.. everything just cancel..

so i still went to work last friday.. since still got a lot of work to do.. but for my weekend, i dowana do anything.. coz i already set my mind to take off from doing work.. so if i dont go anywhere... i will hate my weekend, n goin to be bad mood all day...

so called my dad n asking what he doin this weekend.. come on.. its school holiday.. mesti ada g memane.. leh tumpang sekaki jenjalan... well he said no.. xder wat pape.. hmm.. well then.. let go some where.. u name the place dad.. so he start calling all relative that can get us free place.. all booked.. but only one left.... its BUKIT MERAH LAKE TOWN RESORT.... awesome.. i never been there... so ok..

we stay at kampung air.. a chalet atas air.. its a tasek, so air mmg coklat pekat.. not the one that u can see under water la.. the best park isssssssss u can fishing direct from ur chalet.. best giler... i nvr knw that i love fishing so much.. i can stay all day there doin nothing but just fishing.. dpt tangkap 2 ikan.. jadila.. hikhik.. n my dad dpt tangkap 6 ekor... i believe klu stay longer mesti leh dpt byk lagi.. hish... make me wana go there again.. lepas ni nk kene usha tmpt holiday yg ada pat mancing..

well the place.. bukit merah tu.. hmm... i just love fishing.. the rest.. hmm..waterpark.. okay.. i guess.. byk main ngn adik je... mean mandi kt pat budak2... so xtau klu for adult, best ke x... then... mlm hangout.. mmg bosan la... yela tmpat tu kan resort.. jauh dr tmpt org.. xkan nk kuar cari hiburan.. so just layan ape yg ada kat dlm tu jerla... nothing much can do... ada cafe dlm tu.. lepak luar tepi tasek layan air cetek ngn big screen watching football.. bosan.. order food.. cam ci**i mahal pastu kualiti mkn low giler.. xberbaloi.. satay 10 cucuk ngn teh o.. RM10.. cilak*k.. satay klu gebu2 xper.. ni satay 2 ketul daging kecik je... whatever la.. situ waste of money for nothing tuk makanan je.. abih mkn balik smbung mancing.. muahha.. waaaaaaaa.. miss mancing so much..

sok nye having bufet breakfas.. 28RM per head.. ops.. xingat dh harge.. yg pasti ada 8 and total dlm 120++.. (for 4 adult n 2 kid..).. okla.. masing2 pulun mkn.. pas makan sambung lg mancing.. huhu.. tengahari jln masuk ecopark or taman haiwan.. luar nmpak kecik.. but okla.. mcm2 hewan ada kat dlm.. really well trained nye animal.. and the last trip g pat island of orang utan.. kene naik bot..bout 20 minute kot.. disbbkan kawan abah, g island org utan tu free je.. klu x 20RM satu orang..

thanks to kawan abah gak leh dpt chalet kat kampung air tu ngn half price.. klu x.. kene bayar 700RM per nite.. huhu.. jimat2...

adik (Piki and Aus)
Piki ngn abah
lam ecopark
aku itam ngn view kampung air tu (ikn byk bawah tu...)
abah, pale piki, makcik n aus
piki giler glemer letak muke die dkt cemin ank org utan tu bile ada org nk tangkap pic org utan tu.. pasan sungguh mu ni piki.. (fikri actually)

Friday, June 11, 2010

List of Free and Open Source CMS

NameCategorySupported databasesComments
AriadnePortalOracle, PostgreSQL 
Arti Velocity 3PortalMySQL 
Caravel CMSPortalOpenLDAP and PostgreSQL 
Chlorine BoardsPortalMySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Access 
CMSimplePortalOne unique HTML file 
CMS Made SimplePortalMySQL 
CoppermineImage galleryMySQL 
CuteNewsNewsFlat text files 
DotClear 2BlogMySQL, SQlite, PostgreSQL Multi-users, multi-blogs.
DokuWikiWikiFlat text files. 
DriggDigg-likeMySQLPlug-in for Drupal. Very slow.
DrupalPortalMySQL or PostgreSQLSponsored by the University of Oregon.
ElggSocial network MySQL 5 Building a social network with PHP 5.
Exponent MySQL or PostgreSQL 
eZ publish MySQL or PostgreSQL or Oracle 
FluxBBForumMySQLLightweight but complete forum, perfect besides a portal.
GuppYPortalFlat text files 
ItseasyPortalFlat text files 
Joomla!PortalMySQLPopular CMS, fork of Mambo.
Lemon CMS PortalFlat text files. 
Midgard CMSPortalMySQLFramework for CMS
Modx PortalMySQL 
Nucleus CMSBlogMySQL 
OpenPHPNukePortalMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 
phpBBForum Forum CMS with a lot of themes and mods.
PhortailPortalFlat text files 
PhorumForumMySQLEasy to customize.
PHPMotionVideo sharingMySQLYoutube-like CMS
phpWebSitePortalMySQL or PostgreSQL 
phpCMSPortalFlat text files 
PhpWikiWikiFlat text files, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more 
PivotPortalFlat text files, XML 
PliggDigg-likeMySQLNews with score, still beta.
PmWikiWikiFlat text files 
Prestashope-shopMySQL 5 Open an online shop with PHP 5.
PunBBSee fluxBB.
PuzzleAppsWeb app.MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL 
SEO ToasterPortalMySQL, PHP 5 SEO oriented, rich author interface.
SNewsBlogMySQLBlog added to a portal website.
TempleetPortalXML, MySQL and other BDs. 
Typo3 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 
WordpressBlogMySQLVery popular and extensible blog CMS.
XarayaPortalMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, ADOdb, SQL Server 
XoopsPortalMySQLPopular modular CMS.
ZikulaPortalMySQLFormerly PostNuke.
NamePlateformCategorySupported databases
Daisy CMSCocoonPortalMySQL
DotNetNukeVB.NETPortalSQL Server.
ForrestJava MySQL
Jahia CommunityJavaPortalHypersonic, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server
JAPSJavaPortalHypersonic, PostgreSQL
Logz Portal 
MagnoliaJavaPortalContent repository API
MediacorePythonPodcastRequires MySQL 5 and GCC.
Nuxeo CPSZopeGroupware 
OpenACSTCL, AOL ServerWeb App.PostgreSQL/Oracle
OpenCMSJavaPortalMySQL, Oracle
PloneZopeBlogZODB, MySQL & PostgreSQL via Zope
PX System PorPortaltail 
Run-CMS Portal 
SkeletonzPython MySQL
TWikiPerlWikiToute BD compatible avec Perl DBI.
TypoRuby on railsBlogMySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
XSMJava servletsStaticXML

PrestaShop - Open an online shop with PHP 5.

I found out this is really cool.. love the features. its all there for shopping online business from cart, shipping, invoice, payment and even report..

PrestaShop is actually a professinal e-Commerce Shopping cart software that u can download and use for free.

free download here

and for free theme, its quite hard to find. found a few hopefully can find more.. coz this thing really rock.. love it.. download theme here

this is one of awesome example of prestashop:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Siebel: Quote Screen - Cant do Customize

Siebel eCommunication
Screen: Quotes
Applet: Quote Item List Applet

Adding new product or line item is successful.. then try to customize u get this error
Cannot Execute workflow process definition ''.(SBL-BPR-00158)

Deploy this workflow
SIS OM Edit Delta Quote Line Item
Configurator Eligibility Compatibility Workflow
Configurator PAC Query

Where to deploy??
Site Map > Administration - Business Process > Workflow Deployment

Siebel actually cant tell what the error based on alert error that u get.. the error message given is so general.. for junior in siebel, u might try googling to find the answer... if u so lucky u can find one.. Tips for its to look at log file.. the log file can tell u more info bout the error u got.. where is the log file??

some machine might have different location.. depend how u set the log file or where u install the siebel.. but i give u my path hoping urs are locate same as mine..

Monday, March 8, 2010

kaulalam pur?

Sape tau apa tu? Sape leh teka?

Nak adiah? hmm... len kali la.. klu leh jawap ni kite main teka teki lain yg beradiah..

bleh? huhu

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teruk Betul..

my mom ngah dlm proses menyiapkan rumah idaman die.. almaklum kami ni org bandor.. baru nk bailk kg wat umah sendiri.. dh lame balik, tp xkesampaian lg nk buat rumah.. my mom nk dekat bersara ni la baru die nk siapkan umah tu.. yela umah kat kg kan, kalu wat skang sape yg nk duduk, kije nye di bando..

Alkesah nk dijadikan cite.. my mom dh siapkan a very good plan for the house.. the floor plan, budget plan and everything.. but not so well la, becoz she not an architect kan... then she hired local contractor.. ckp mmg kencang, macam sume tau, itu ini.. my mom yg xder expirence lgsg bout building a house, dengar jerla ckp die.. tu yg hired tu..

haih... menyesal x sudah.. after 80k dh abihkan.. rumah tu rasa nk dipecahkan balik.. mmg kene pecahkan balik siyal... a house... rumah yg nk dibina.. dh naik dinding atap.. tp xder sistem pempaipan.. giler b***gang betul kontraktor tu.. b***h!! makan duit haram betul... mmg ***i!!!.. aku bengang betul.. ko nk berak ko nk kencing ko nk mandi air sume kene g mane? yg ko b*** pergi sume ke longkang tu watpe b***ang??? umah square.. each site ada bilik air.. so ada 4 paip menghala ke luar ke longkang.. xke cacat uamh tu b****... s**l betul.. u need 80k to build, n u also need 80k tuk pecahkan balik.. giler..

korang nk kate aku racist ke x lantak korang la.. yg aku tau org k******* mmg cam tu... b***** tp buat2 pandai.. ko bukak kedai tinted, tp satu mende pun ko xtau cane nk tinted kete.. ko bukak workshop, tp padahal ko nk bukak tgk enjin pun xreti.. ko jadi kontraktor tp sbnrnye mcm b*** ko xreti nk buat rumah.. sume ko buat cincai.. siyal... yg tnggung consumer la..

guys.. this is the thing that i just learn.. mmg dh lmbt, dh kene baru tau.. klu nk buat rumah.. tgk.. pergi tgk!!.. offcourse my mom pergi tgk org tu wat keje.. tp die xtau ape yg di tgkkan tu.. my fault.. sbb xtau jgak pasal nk buat umah ni.. tp seriously my fault.. kami adik beradik... salah sbb xamik tau sal umah tu.. mak dh byk kali suh balik suh tgkkan umah tu.. what she mean is.. tgk org tu wat betul ke salah.. sorry.. i just do see ur point mase tu..

now we take it slow.. ingat duit ada sume leh settle cepat.. membazir duit sungguh... we looking for contractor.. the real contractor.. need to see their resume, their portfolio first.. walaupun umah kecik je.. tp bg kami itulah tempat kami nk berkumpul anak beranak...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to set your Facebook URL?

How to set how to know yours ours Facebook URL. if your facebook profile show long address for example: mean that u dont have specific url for your facebook account yet.. so what u can do to get ur facebook account url is..

simply click here: (not need to change the [username] to ur username, just leave it as username..)

there the facebook will give u some related username that u can choose. u can just pick one. and remember!! u can only choose once.. once u already pick u cannot change again after this.. maybe can.. i dono.. in different way maybe..

but for those who already set their username.. they cant see any but only showing what ur username that u already choose.. telling that "Your username has been set". so becareful what to choose for ur username.. afraid someday u will feel like to delete ut facebook account just becoz of the bad name..

so Good Luck

Friday, February 19, 2010

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Ape kebest sangat ke cite ni.. tgk review mmg the BOOM.. wa suke.. tp xtaula kan.. sesejak kene tipu ngn DR PARNASUS, aku xbrani nk riak suke xtentu pasal.. read of some review dulu then baru decide either nk g tgk ke x..

pegomen pertama
Dari segi efek 3G dan CGI,memang tak dinafikan tidak mengecewakan.Nampak banyak juga unsur-unsur dari cite Harry Potter yang diselitkan dalam filem ini.Antara yang paling ketara ialah kasut terbang si Percy Jackson dengan bola emas Quidittich si Harry Potter. Jalan cite agak mudah difahami.Standard filem-filem Disney.Namun begitu terdapat kelonggaran plot yang kalo diperbaiki boleh jadi sebest Lord of The Ring tapi kena tambah sejam lagi waktu tayangan. Penalaan muzik memang hancur.Haram jadah apa guna lagu Lady Gaga.Tak style la macam cite Transformers dan Angels & Demons. Sinematografi pun takde la seni sangat. Eh sesedap hati aku jer komen benda yang aku tak tahu kan?Hahaha... Bagi aku,cite nie tak sampai tahap wajib tonton la.Kalo korang minat cite Harry Potter,High School Musical,Camp Rock...pegi la tengok cite nie. Aku bagi 3 bintang dari 5 itupun sebab heroin dia boleh tahan mata cantik sampai tak sedar tercakap "Wow!"

pegomen kedua
Perjalanan filem ini tidak ubah seperti filem Harry Potter. Antara contoh yang dapat dilihat ialah hero lelaki yang diapit bersama sidekick lelaki dan perempuan dimana filem Harry Potter pun begitu dan juga perjalanan Jackson dari permulaan life dia sehingga mengentahui yang dia merupakan anak kepada dewa. Adventure ketiga – tiga remaja ini juga hampir sama dengan adventure Harry dan rakan – rakannya dalam filem Harry Potter dimana disetiap perhentian yang mereka singgah disitu mereka akan bertempur dengan raksasa atau makhluk jahat. Mungkin disebabkan pengalaman beliau mengarah filem Harry Potter yang menyebabkan perjalanan filem ini jadi sebegitu. Namun secara keseluruhannya cerita ini memang menarik untuk ditonton. Penggembaraan Jackson dan rakan – rakannya dalam melaksanakan misi dan ditambah pula mitos Greek yang bercampur dengan budaya moden masyarakat Amerika berjaya membuatkan penonton untuk tidak mengalihkan kepala walaupun sesaat. Dan semasa anda menonton filem ini nanti, anda mungkin tidak akan menyangka yang pintu masuk ke Neraka terletak di belakang Signboard Hollywood dan pintu ke Olympus berada di menara Empire State bukannya di Greek! Tapi itu lah fantasi yang cuba dibawa oleh pengarah filem ini bagi memastikan ia tidak bosan untuk ditonton. P/s: Sequal Filem ini bakal dikeluarkan pada tahun 2011 @ 2012 iaitu filem Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Sea of Monster

Thursday, February 18, 2010

dh xberapa baru website ni.. dh lame siap.. just now baru nk upkan.. here the snap shot of the website..


Monday, February 8, 2010

one more.. new update on this. coming the 2nd version of the website. still desiging. here is the preload..

ur idea are most welcome. thank you

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what u guys think bout the website.. leh kasi pendapat x? skang ni cam kaku gile nk wat website.. so dull.. no idea to design at all.. bleh x share korang nye tot.. u knw.. tell me ape yg kurang, ape yg perlu.. laju ke x...

check out the website here

ur comment very much helpful.. thanks


Monday, January 25, 2010

GTalk Status Image on your Website / Blog / Friendster / Myspace

i have been waiting for this status icon from google.. awesome.. login to ur google account. then go to this link

the link will show below image. change (if needed) ur name, do the setting and click "update badge". it will give u the code. copy and put it anywhere u like in ur site.

p/s: if ur office block the chat, just change the 'http://' to 'https://'

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Highway PLUS toll fare

susah payah cam cib*i aku cari toll fare/kadar tol, rupenye kat website dorang ada mende ni.. tp dorang xshow direct. yela, senang dorang later on nk naikkan update harga toll

Firstly, Kenal pasti ur vehicle class..
Class 0: Motorcycles, bicycles or vehicles with 2 or less wheels.
Class 1: Vehicles with 2 axles and 3 or 4 wheels excluding taxis
Class 2: Vehicles with 2 axles and 5 or 6 wheels excluding buses.
Class 3: Vehicles with 3 or more axles.
Class 4: Taxis
Class 5: Buses
p/s: klu xcaye click here:

then nk tau die nye toll fare again masuk website PLUS tu, kat atas ada hyperlink aka link tulis "TOLL FARE CALCULATOR". nnti ada kuar window dlm tu jugak warna ijau kuning. then korang masukkanla FROM and TO and VEHICLE CLASS nnti ada calculate for the fare. DAMN.. now i knw.. terasa cam cib*i sbb google xder org nk kasi rate.. yg ada pun just gtau jarak.. BODOH la kau...

cam aku nk fare dari sungai buluh ke simpang pulai and my vechile class 5 1.. so..

Normal Rates: RM 23.00
Off Peak Rates: RM 20.80
Off Peak Festive Rates: RM 18.80
Total Distance: KM 169

ni aku google: JARAK MASA 2 JAM 15 MIN kot dengan speed average 100km/h. OK JOM!
Jap.. minyak lak??? ar cib*i lagi.. xleh ke korang kasi full info..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haiya PizzaHut

Haiya... byk keje.. susah jadinyer... nk tuka alamat je babe.. alrite here is the situation..

register myself kt website pizza. sbb nk beli pizza hut online.. dh lame register. i dono hw dulu i register, but the address mmg salah... continue dgn ordering then checkout.. tup2 piza kol die ckp die dh sampai ada kt bwh buttttttt die kt the mall tu.. da*n.. alamat slh.. dh byk kali dh jd ni.. serabut tul.. dh kol suh tuka alamat pun xterupdate2.....

then ape lg.. call the pizza call center... rupe2nyer.. kalau almt kt website xsama ngn alamat yg kite nk delivery, kite xleh nk proceed ngn order online tu.. we hv to call them (1-300-88-2525) first ask them to update the address.. mmg tu process nyer.. we cannot update the address by ourselves.. wait a few minute dorang update the address, then only we can proceed ngn order online tu..

haih.. cm xbest je.. so for the first time klu register online, u really hv to call them first to set the address... the address actually attach to ur phone number.. so mase register nnti it will ask for ur number. use the same number yg bg td.. then walllah, the address coming appear cunly kt website tu, so blehla order online..

TAG: Alamat salah dalam website pizzahut. How to update address on pizzahut website? Online order register problem.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today's Work at Office

Hari ni ada training, n im one of the trainer. gile jadi bidan terjun.. hancus.. saje je ckp cepat.. so that user wont ask much.. but still they ask much.. T-T:...

to release the tension, we all (Ain, D, Thana) me'snap' picture kat atas tu.. yup atas.. the training conducted kat level 50..

cam bese pic yg ada cute of me je yg selected to be publish here.. huhu.. aih byk lak yg comei.. cam mane ni..

Biarla korang rasa aku xsecomei mane.. tp aku suke.. huhu.. o boi.. i look old in all these pic.. haih..