Monday, October 19, 2009

Work on Weekend

well, i suppose go back to my hometown at perak since my fren having her wedding on sunday.. but i didnt go.. im so scare meeting with all my old fren.. they all doing great in life.. everyone hv something to proud off.. while me just a single gal with not so ok job.. im scare bout what others think bout me.. but for me, i just love myself and love what i do, even tho i always asking for more in my life..

so im 'no' to perak, again im into kuantan.. huhu.. love the place.. took bus at 6pm.. miss the openhouse of TM, damn!! (blame the vvip!! so shit - nk kasi makan tp lambat.. )exactly by 9.30pm reach kuantan.. its raining along the way.. and getting heavy when im reach at home.. gosh payung lak kecik.. basah seh!!.. xder mood nk makan besar dah!!

saturday.. again went to ECM - ZING the salon at Kuantan.. so sial la they all... i heard that ZING is the top salon at kuantan.. bullshit all that.. they nothing but liar.. my hair.. just after a week its already loose the color.. dont blame my hair.. i do it here at KL it take at least 4 month till all the color gone.. and it give the color result as soon they wash my hair..

and for my fren she colored with red color... after twice they color her hair, still not givin any result.. for all kuantanese!! dont even believe or give the word telling that ZING is the best... shit go to hell with that...!! i think is the same result for people doing the hair rebonding there.. they just do it and make people coming back and make customer pay more for their bad service.. we should BAN this SALON.. waste my saturday at their salon from morning till evening.. but for haircut at ZING, i think its OK.. at least for the lady name EVON.. just tell her what style u want for your hair and she do it...

for sunday.. well, we did nothing.. wake up so late since we have late nite activity (cant tell more bout this.. huhu)..thinking what to have for breakfst, but knw wont got anything.. so dcide to have lunch early... getting ready and and hey its already 2 noon.. damn so hungry.. 4 of us (me, is, yana and alang) went to TAJ near berjaya megamall.. have their best nasi briyani... quite okla.. cant say more coz im so hungry...

Exactly at 3pm went to megamall planned for a movie PAPADOM. great movie.. mmg best... great show... for those yang belum tgk.. do check out this movie.. really great and wont regret...

my story is quite tersasar from the post topic.. huhu.. actualy i did some formatting on alang laptops... its acer aspire 5050.. thank god i brought the windows and office cd, so that i can start my work right a way.. and for the reward... jeng jeng jeng..

Nasi Beriyani for 2 - Imej hanya gambaran, bukan ciri-ciri sebenar


Movie for 2 - 5 star for the movie.. keep it up Afdlin


One Ticket bus from kuantan to KL

P/S: nak format pc tu secara ikhlas sebenarnye.. yana lak beriya tanye brape..!! ash xleh nk wat pe la.. soriye alang.. pape pun thanks ya for everything.. huhu.. nanti ada pojek lagi.. kite share2 la ek.. :)


Ika Razak said...

ash bukan keje ash dah ok ke?

Unknown said...

ok.. tp xpuas.. always asking for more.. xkan selama2nye nk camni kan..

Unknown said...

bukan nk comment cerita tu..
cume bile baca ayat yang digunakan macam tak kena.
penggunaan perkataan yang tak betul. kesinambungan ayat sebelum dan selepas tak dapat menyampaikan ape yang nak disampaikan. bile baca boleh terfikir suke ke tidak sebenarnya..?? confious..

Unknown said...

motif nk cerita sal ada keje weekend tu, pastu dpt upah: mkn, wayang n tiket bas.. sukerla maknenye tu... hny nila.. xfaham ek..