Friday, October 23, 2009

Senangin Bay / Teluk Senangin Perak Malaysia

Complete the website last 2 day.. it takes only one day to complete everything. all i do is comeout with new design for the website. the design actually taken from i more prefer to use template for my website than designing on my own. im not really a good designer. but still i can ammend..

here is the snap before and after the redesigning the whole website



Synopsis of the website:
Senangin Bay or known as "Teluk Senangin" in Malay is the one of the new developing tourist’s destination and a great place for a daytrip or picnic in Manjung, Perak. Senangin Bay are not too far and not too difficult to reach, it only takes about 20 km or 30 minutes from Lumut, Perak .Senangin Bay has a beach which offers a beautiful views of Pangkor Island on the left hand and a look of Straits of Malacca. The beach is a few kilometers long stretch of white sand and blue water. The sunsets at there are so magic. Senangin Bay also has so many ‘Remis’ and ‘Kepah’ (a kind of sea food) at there which makes this bay more famous. It also has some small village fisherman.

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and the reward for this project.. jeng jeng jeng..

in my dream jerla.. xder nyer nk dpt ni.. seday tul

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