Friday, October 2, 2009

PHP Development for Mobile

PAMP, Personal Apache MySQL and PHP Released for Symbians

We were talking about PHP on Symbians in the latest editorial, today PAMP is already here ! The new acronym is for Personal Apache MySQL and PHP (PAMP) is an experimental project by Nokia to provide an open source personal web server for their S60-based mobile phones.

Two packages are available c and e, I don't know who will install this on c, personally I have a 2Gig memory card and all applications goes there. You can install PAMP using PCSuite or simply by copying files to your memory card.

The downloaded package itself include Python, PythonScript Shell, Pips, Open SSL and PAMP itself; and everything is about 7.5MB. After installing PAMP, you can find details on the connectivity settings on the website so you could connect to your mobile server using WLAN.

Notice that PAMP is still in beta, and currently its memory usage is very high, so probably you won't be able to run it easily on your S60 3rd edition phone. Currently the website mention that only E90 and N95 8GB are supported. Or if you have more than 64MB RAM you can give it a try, I have only 18MB RAM on my N80, so probably I have to urge to get a N95.

PAMP wiki page :
You can get PAMP for Symbian from Sourceforge :

copy from wow.. now the oppotunity for the php programmer is much wider.. Alhamdulillah... Syukur

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