Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Beep sound so loud from laptop even when its mute

TAG: Mute but still have sound, How to mute all?

I face that problem after format and reinstall my OS.. gosh so nitemare.. i tot it was normal. but after awhile the sound keep coming. that weird. so what i do, i reinstall the sound driver. But the beep sound still there.

No exact solution on google. The best other way is to call directly to Dell..

Go to Dell support. you have option either chatting, emailing or calling. Offcourse the fastest way is by calling since im not patient kind of person. Before calling, make sure u have ur machine Service Tag. How to find it? Click HERE. then click "Yes, I do agree" the windows will check automatically ur Service Tag and your Express Service Code. Copy and paste it somewhere. With that Service Tag, call DELL at 1800-88-0193. They all really good. just tell them your problem sure they can help you.. and yes they can understand malay.

Alrite for my problem, i tell them i have format and reinstall the OS. and successfully have install all driver. i even let them hear the lod sound themselve. instantly they understand and tell me to go to Device Manager, then clicks View, then Show hidden devices. Find Non-Plug and Play Drivers. Expand it and find Beep. Right click to it and disable. Restart the machine.

Wait for a while to startup and BOOM.. the loud sound is gone.. Yeay.. now i can do my work hapily.. Thanks Dell.. its really worth for life.. aik!!.. huhu


Ain bintu Amir said...

ingatkan BOOM tu pc crash ke ape.. haha

Unknown said...

saje je wat gempak.. klu boom meletup, menara rembung tm ni dah masuk biter dh semlm.. huhu