Friday, September 4, 2009


Datang lagi dienye..
Nak wat ape ek weekend ni??
arghhh.. this weekend kene do something...
stop dah.. jgn pk keje..

last week 3 days off.. im staying at home doing nothing but work.. from mornign to evening till midnite till morning again.. gosh.. what life is that..? one minute i said just a few more then im gona get ready goin out.. a minute more.. a minute more.. then i realise, i wont never done with my work.. i become so obsence with work..

so, im not gona let thing happen again this weekend, even tho i have cross my mind n plan what work i wanna do.. huhu.. what should i do? should i do my work.. im dying to do my work.. i cant think of anything else.. please let me do my work.. but i have to stop that.. i have someone at my home.. i cant let her just do nothing at home.. watching tv from the moment she wakeup till she go back to sleep again.. i cant let that to happen again.. i dowana make her feel bored when she here..

i have to plan something.. but still i wanado my work.. arghh..

cut the crap, plan somthing.. u still can do work at nite what.. just take a whole nite til morning..sure leh siap.. kan kan kan.. huhu.. okla.. deal!!

alrite.. first plan,.. movie offcourse.. 'Final Destination' will be ok x?? 3D or just biasa je?? 'UP' is ok too.. let just ask her first

then... i dono.. kete xsiap lagi nk jalan2...sedayyyy... mane tmpt best nk makan2??

gosh!!.. i cant think of any.... laterla..

Jalan-jalan kuar KL la... Penang?cameron?


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