Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to remember a date?

Macam mane, bagaimana nk ingat tarikh-tarikh penting. i always got people hate me because of not remembering the moment or anything.

recently on my befday, many fren wish me a birthday.. i was surprise.. because as far i remember i have never ever wish someone or anyone befday.. its not that i dont care, it is because i dont remember the day. if i did remember definately i will wish u and maybe get u a gift.

Im so sorry, i didnt mean that.. its not that u not important to me.. u do important to me.. u do special to me.... my fren, my family, mom, and dad.. omg i havent wish for his befday.. it was 2 day before my birthday.. gosh!! see.. i just dont remember...

i really have a problem on this.. to remember a thing or anything.. i wish i can do something with this...

just now i have add new widget work like remainder... eh it is reminder.. huhu.. it is easy. Just register urself at this website Add the birthdays to remember. then click 'Reminder Widget' to copy the Embed Code. Paste it at anyplace in ur blog. Try it!!

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Ain bintu Amir said...

kite wat da.. hehe :)