Monday, September 14, 2009

How To Apply Malaysia Passport

How To Apply Malaysia Passport, Bagaimana nak memohon passport Malaysia

Here is the list that you need to check before proceeding to the immigration office.
  • Self printed passport application form from here (this is to speed up the process, alternatively you can buy the form from the immigration office)
  • 2 copies of passport photo (one for their reference, another for to stick on your passport la)
  • 1 copy of Birth Certificate (MUST! Bring the ORIGINAL also, for first time applying only)
  • 1 copy of Identity Card ((MUST! Bring the original also)
  • Cash: RM300 (for 64 pages valid 5 years), RM100 (for 32 pages valid 2 years)

For extra information, passport can be collected after 2 hours you pay the cash. So the is no much waiting time. Yay! Everyone can fly now... Check out more info Here Laman Web Rasmi Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia


Anonymous said...

thanks for info!

Tivakaran said...

your post was on 2009. now 2012. is the procedure still same? do we need to take birth certificate, when we have mykad (not IC anymore)

Ash Desh said...

i dont think i have birth certificate when i apply this.. sure even now also they not need this.. :)