Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dolphin 6

Sucessfully installed Dolphin. Nothing wrong with the code and etc. it just the hosting not supported. Damn TM!!.. they really have bad record on supporting. Until now no TM stuff to respon my email or call.. Cam b**g**g je...

SO what i do, i try to install the Dolphin with the CYNETSTUDIO.COM hosting. Yes they do have some problem. One of php extension is not installed in their hsoting. but what they do, they promise to add on new extension when they restart the server. They did. by only 3-5 day. The Dolphin 6 can properly run in the hosting.. Yeay!!!

so guy here is snap of the screen shot. i love when i do great work.. hehe..

Korang leh main2, godek2 or register ur self dengan Dolphin 6 kat SINI yerk.. And the website main (utama) nye kat sini.. xfully siap lagi, tp dah start nk kene promote dah ni.. nk bagi ranking google naikla katekan.. huhu.. What the website is all about..hmm.. panjang nk cite kat sini. should bukak spesial thread to discuss bout it. pape pun, here.. Please visit


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