Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Project

Quite cool new thing project.. kinda adhoc project gak.. need to be launch before raya.. huhu.. and the amount.. Can be my retirement.. hehe... Insha’Allah.. Had a meeting with this guy from 10pm to 1pm at Rawang - Serendah Golf Club. Quite nice place, kinda scary a bit maybe because its nite, nothing much to see. A lot of discussion. Do some work a bit. Even though I reach home quite late, but I still have the energy to start my work this morning. Is that cool..? huhu..

The 'website' (i dono what to call).. is about sharing information and idea on business knowledge. This guy has done a lot of write-up and he want to share with everyone. He do book translation from English to Malay. And all about how to startup a business. From paperwork, proposal, manage account and many more.

So the platform that im gonna use, it’s actually suggest by him. He already do some research on that, and I think what he did really an assume work. We gonna use Dolphin Version 6. We gonna come out as much like this Boonex website. I’m still new with this platform, so need to study and explore more on it. Hope incoming Ramadan can help me focusing on it.

Dolphin 6 - Smart Community Builder

Boonex - Free Software for your own social network

He already bought the domain and hosting. I did try to install the application inside the hosting last nite. But some prob on privileging on changing setting is not allow in the hosting. Still have to dig more. Will update soon as soon the page is up.

Wish me luck!!


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