Friday, July 10, 2009


had lunch outsite today. since it friday and the boss not here.. hehe.. we have very long break.. we went to kl sentral since naren need to go to cimb to deposit some money.. then walk around to have place for lunch.. we could not decide since again, naren is vege.. kinda hard.. because i really dono what exactly vegetarian do eat.. hmm... i knw vege.. can hv anythingelse??.. then we look at Subway menu, they have salad... im not sure is it enuf for naren.. then its ok.. better to have only half lunch than nothing rite... settle with naren, now for us... hmm

i just smile and say.. mcD.. hehe.. and everyone just ok.. huhu.. so went there and get myself lunch set tha Big Mac.. hehe... yammy!!... im totally full rite nw.. i cant even laugh.. i cant remember when is the last time i had mcD.. suddenly come across my mind, why i havent have mcD for such a long time... hmm... yup.. now i remmember..

its all about this

d*mn... i cant believe i forgot that.. how can i forgot... arrrghhh... nvm.. pass already... hmm.. here some photo while we have lunch today... taken by bhanu.. thanks bai...

myself... hehe

me and bhanu

ain.. the new lady join this project

Naren and Thana..

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