Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Work

Not much to say about my work skang ni.. Haven’t make a lot of $$ for this month.. got 1 2 work... i will try to start doing it by tonight.. Insha’Allah.. Had done formatting and installing window.. thanks bai.. a few more laptop coming up after this.. Promote yer bai... hehe.. me promoting again here.. for those having problem with their machine (Laptop, Notebook, Dekstop, PC, ) hardware or windows… I can help u.. Location at Taman Melati. Can drop by, bring ur machine to my place at anytime. Off course call first..

Gambar sekadar penyeri

Then I had to come out with new layout design for this .net website.. Gosh, first I had to configure my desktop for the .net environment.. No prob, it can be done.. Just matter of time.. Hopefully by tonite I can start..

i spent much time travelling lately.. Tired.. i can’t concentrate much on work.. Even thought had so much work to do.. Off course with office's work.. I had to study Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (OBIP).. I have no idea bout it at all.. n I’m totally stuck with the installation.. Can anyone please please help me.. maybe FOU can help.. can u..?

Please please please


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