Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Durian Runtuh

Bukan durian lagi.. hehe.. smlm dpt call dari orang tu.. best nye.. hehe.. dlm kul 9 kot.. die tanye quote for 1 website, ada orang tanye.. so i gv the price, about 10 minutes after that, he call again to confirm the website and already email me the detail.. wow..

so by last nite jugak bertungkus lumus menyiap kan website tersebut.. exactly 2am siap and ready to be upload... now waiting for the cheque.. hehe..syukur alhamdullilah dengan kurnia rezeki Allah berikan..

dah kire2.. nk bagi abah sikit, mak sikit.. aku dpt sikit jadila.. just now im learning to appreciate them.. im not a good daughter.. but i will try be a good one..

Love and miss you mom and dad

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