Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Must Accident?

Lagi mau tanye.. sendiri buat sendiri tanggung la.. Semalam.. like i have inform earlier.. went to cherating.. wake up at 8am, prepare myself, clean up the house, get enuf food for my kids and get myself Tricajus (since im not going to have myself a breakfast)... then drove out to petronas.. kasi minyak penuh, kasi pam tayar..

The journey began at 9.30am.. from tol gombak, tol bentong and east-cost highway.. everything so perfect, smooth.. no prob.. car is ok.. with max speed 160kmh.. i manage to get myself to interchange Jabur exactly by 2 hours.. Yup its crazy.. im crazy.. guess what i got!!! exactly only a few meter more to the toll, i had an accident.. the car spinning itself for once.. hit the devider twice... likely im ok.. but the car.. totally.. gosh (No Pic - Sorry)..

Lebih kurang camni hancor la keteku

The engine is ok, but the front car got serious damage, so the car cannot move at all.. try one two times but to move the car, but it only make it worst.. so get the workshop man, they took the car to their workshop, which is at Kuantan.. Never mind, dont care wherever it is.. as long as it fine..

Since i had an accident at Jabur, which is near to Kemaman area, so i had to make a police report at kemaman. went there from kuantan to kemaman with this chinese workshopman.. he is very good. he help pick up my fren at suria beach resort then took us to kuantan bus station. we even had lunch before drove us there..

the best part i got myself a driver to show over the place along the road from kuantan-kemaman-kuantan. beautiful places.. definately, soon the car is done, ill go back the place he show to us...

and today, i went back to the office and pretending like nothing disaster happen yesterday... ohya im cool..

ohye.. im cool


foo said...

wow! it's really terrible, you should take good care of yourself when driving. Anyway luckily you are OK!

Unknown said...

ya.. Syukur Alhamdullillah selamat.. walaupun nk termenangis kat situ.. this is the 3rd times having accident.. dono when will i learn my lesson

fiezabaiduri said...

dah 3 kali accident?!
ash,..lebih hati² lain kali..
laju sangat woo..

mujur tak apa²..
kete rosak boleh baiki, org 'rosak'..?
isk isk..

Unknown said...

erk.. terkedu jap bace reply bai.. hmm.. Ya ALLAH tuhan ku... semoga diriku lebih berhati2 lepas ni... thanks bai..

xalimx said...

amik member kat suria beach resort? aku pun g sn gak, amik member punya member, smp sn jam 7, so lalu tol tu lebih kurang jam 6 ptg laaa...

Unknown said...

aku sampai awal lg.. kul 11.30pg aku accident.. bajet nk mandi manda kat balok.. seday :((.. klu ko lalu kat exit jabur tu.. nmpak penghadang kiri kanan kemik2, ngn atas jln tanah berterabur.. ha.. aku la yg buat tu..

xalimx said... g smula laa kot baru nmpk..hehehe...kemaman, kuantan tmpt ape yg best?

Unknown said...

town of kemaman n kuantan bese2 je.. but the beaches along the road tu yg best... sungguh damai dpt bermandi2 manda.. byk resort n chalet laktu..