Friday, June 19, 2009


Sedapnye dimassage

how many people love massage? how many people love give massage? huhu.. i love give massage, but i dont love being massage.. i ask my roomate to giv me massage. since i always give her the best service of massage, so there is no way she gona turn me down..

i never like massage. had this one time experience when i was in salon, they give massage up in the head and shoulder. i was scream crazy and the lady just cant proceed more.. huhu.. its funny.. but hey, im totally cant take it.. i really cant stand the pain..

so yesterday nite.. afraid people outsite of our house thinking there is a child abuse happening.. most of the time i was crying like people who close to the death.. i really have tear in my eyes.. OMG.. i really cant take it.. just take about 30 minute, then i have enuf.. i couldnt go for more..
sakiiiiiiiit.... xnak dah...

its ok then, but when i wake up tis morning.. the pain at my back n my arm is stil here and i think its getting worst.. hey.. is it because of the accident i had last 2 day? would it be posible? i just had my head bump to the car... how is it effect to my back n arm.. ? should i see the doctor? hmmm...

perlu ke xperlu? ish..



fiezabaiduri said...

perlu juga gi jumpa doktor.
mana la tahu ada kesan dalaman..

nak bai tolong urutkan..?hehe

Unknown said...

xnak dah urut-urut.. xsanggup... huhu.. mmm..

should be xde pe.. xbergegar sangat aritu.. kete pun depan je kemik then pusing2 kene belakang.. as the driver.. xder kene pe pun.. beside.. ash pakai seat belt (yeah, ku sangat patuhi undang2 ni)..

insyaAllah xder pe.. hehe