Monday, June 22, 2009

Hidup ni Xlama..

Ya.. who will know what gona happen? who can tel what happen next? We can plan, we can tel but what the exact gona happen is leave up to HIM... Im thankful coz i still got long life.. after what had happen, im still here breathing.. still got the chance to change myself and to be a good muslimah.
yaAllah tuhanku aku bersyukur padaMu

as for others.... :(.. My auntie (my father's youngest sister) has passed away last sunday at 3.30am.. she died because of her lung effection and her heart inflate. everything so sudden... i had no chance to see her for the last time... i will miss her a lot..

"Ya ALLAH tuhanku, smoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan bersama-sama orang mukmin...Amin"



Saturday, June 20, 2009

Website Calculation

Static WebsiteDynamic Website
Domain + Hosting
Custom Template
5 pages 2A4 size
Multiple Languange
Fix for i.e browser & modzilla

RM 500 ++
Domain + Hosting
Custom Template
5 pages 2A4 size
Multiple Languange
Fix for i.e browser & modzilla

RM 1000 ++
Add to Bookmark, Counter, Date, Time, Last Updates, Member counter, Shoutbox, Calender
Forum, Shopping Cart
.com RM 45, .net RM 45, .org RM 45, .biz RM 45, .info RM 45, .us RM 45, .name RM 45, RM 80, RM 80, RM 80, RM 40, .my RM 100. All per year.
Start from RM 50 with Min Spec: Diskspace - 100MB, Bandwith - 1GB, Email - 1, Add on domain - 0, Database - 0, FTP - 1, IP - shared

Friday, June 19, 2009


Sedapnye dimassage

how many people love massage? how many people love give massage? huhu.. i love give massage, but i dont love being massage.. i ask my roomate to giv me massage. since i always give her the best service of massage, so there is no way she gona turn me down..

i never like massage. had this one time experience when i was in salon, they give massage up in the head and shoulder. i was scream crazy and the lady just cant proceed more.. huhu.. its funny.. but hey, im totally cant take it.. i really cant stand the pain..

so yesterday nite.. afraid people outsite of our house thinking there is a child abuse happening.. most of the time i was crying like people who close to the death.. i really have tear in my eyes.. OMG.. i really cant take it.. just take about 30 minute, then i have enuf.. i couldnt go for more..
sakiiiiiiiit.... xnak dah...

its ok then, but when i wake up tis morning.. the pain at my back n my arm is stil here and i think its getting worst.. hey.. is it because of the accident i had last 2 day? would it be posible? i just had my head bump to the car... how is it effect to my back n arm.. ? should i see the doctor? hmmm...

perlu ke xperlu? ish..


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Must Accident?

Lagi mau tanye.. sendiri buat sendiri tanggung la.. Semalam.. like i have inform earlier.. went to cherating.. wake up at 8am, prepare myself, clean up the house, get enuf food for my kids and get myself Tricajus (since im not going to have myself a breakfast)... then drove out to petronas.. kasi minyak penuh, kasi pam tayar..

The journey began at 9.30am.. from tol gombak, tol bentong and east-cost highway.. everything so perfect, smooth.. no prob.. car is ok.. with max speed 160kmh.. i manage to get myself to interchange Jabur exactly by 2 hours.. Yup its crazy.. im crazy.. guess what i got!!! exactly only a few meter more to the toll, i had an accident.. the car spinning itself for once.. hit the devider twice... likely im ok.. but the car.. totally.. gosh (No Pic - Sorry)..

Lebih kurang camni hancor la keteku

The engine is ok, but the front car got serious damage, so the car cannot move at all.. try one two times but to move the car, but it only make it worst.. so get the workshop man, they took the car to their workshop, which is at Kuantan.. Never mind, dont care wherever it is.. as long as it fine..

Since i had an accident at Jabur, which is near to Kemaman area, so i had to make a police report at kemaman. went there from kuantan to kemaman with this chinese workshopman.. he is very good. he help pick up my fren at suria beach resort then took us to kuantan bus station. we even had lunch before drove us there..

the best part i got myself a driver to show over the place along the road from kuantan-kemaman-kuantan. beautiful places.. definately, soon the car is done, ill go back the place he show to us...

and today, i went back to the office and pretending like nothing disaster happen yesterday... ohya im cool..

ohye.. im cool

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holiday Mood

So not in the mood.. too lazy doing work.. evryday everytime mmg camni pun.. malas.. sape suh wat documentation.. sungguh xde kerajinan.. cube bagi coding.. mau dh berpuluh2 line dh karang..

well sok cuti.. xapply pun.. dono why i cant apply online.. probably sbb cuti dh abih kot.. huhu.. nvr mind.. told the boss already.. just declare it as EL.. Goin to cherating.. Again!!.. huhu... probably for the last time.. its beautiful place... but so much other place that can be visit.. so.. one place for one times visit its enuf..

xsabar untuk sok.. menambah2kan lagi tahap kemalasan hari ni..

Skang ni

Esoknye.. yes yes bercanda di tepian pantai..