Thursday, April 9, 2009

Website Statistics

Salam and good morning all.

How those the website help your business? How is it effect so much to your business? Do you trust that website can help improve your business? if u still dont believe it.. you better do..

its a trend for people nowdays do daily job just by clicking, googling, yahooing (ha? T-T).. u can find anything online.. u can do everything online...

OK now.. u do believe in website.. u know the website can improve ur business.. u know so much other website do as same as ur business.. u afraid of competitor.. i tell u.. u DONT have to be afraid with ur competitor..

Let they do their, and u do urs.. the internet and website are connecting u with the whole world.. 6,758,815,886 people on earth(taken from World Population).. dont u believe one of these people will click to ur website?

Taken example from one of my website: Langkawi Island (the one i hv develop). If u know the record, ther is thousand website talking/promoting the langkawi island. not just from malaysia, but also from other country. but still, how can this website survive and can give so much business to the owner?

The picture shown, everyday different people coming, and they keep coming. the number maintain. sometime it will increase especially on holiday.

The picture totally prove that u are promoting the website to the whole world... just imagine u have the product that everyhuman use or need.. how big market u have..

The yellow tag show how many minute or hour they have visiting ur website. and the different ip shown different visitor are viewing..

Where is our website? how the visitor will know where to find our website? So here come the search engine(GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN, etc..)Using keyword, those giant search engine will directly link ur website to the user.

So now.. do you think its worth to have a website?.. do you think the website is a big opportunity for ur business?.. Call/SMS me 60126634583, or email me I can make it alive.. .. hey.. its ok if u just wana ask.. ^_^'

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