Thursday, April 30, 2009


good news man.. im in love again with pernec.. i have been told by management that im gona be asign for another project.. awesome.. so now i will be working with 3 project at one time.. the cool thing bout it, i got the opportunity to expose with oracle.. awesome.. gosh.. my god.. alhamdullilah.. i cant wait..

currently im based at PNB building, near Menara Tabung Haji.. soon on next next monday ill have to move to TM Tower.. but still i have to commit here at PNB.. maybe 1 to 2 day at PNB and the rest at TM.. we will see.. thank god both are near with lrt stesen, so i just have to take train.. save time and still i can claim for mailage + toll.. hahaha (jahat giler, langsung xberkat nanti ilmu yang bakal diterima...) no..i wont do that..

OOps.. how bout my freelance work ek.. hmm.. still have to do it.. since i need extra $$ everymonth...

Ya ALLAH tuhanku.. give me the strength to get thru this...

soon.. with oracle in hand.. i can demand for higher monthly salary without taking master... hahahaha.. and that is all about..

p/s: but still i hate TM.. those streamyx and telekom are sucK!!

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