Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wifi Available

For those who stay near by my place (Terminal Putra Gombak, Taman Melati), i can provide u the wifi 247.. the connection is OK, but still sometime give me a headache.. Streamyx.. Duh!!.. Setup available only after office hour.

The good thing bout the wifi, i can online at any place in the house with my notebook. i dont need to seat in the room and hv to unplug the network cable from my pc and plug it back to my notebook.. switch it back when i want to use it on my pc... LECEH!!

But nw with the wifi, i can seat everywhere. atas sofa, atas katil, atas meja mkn, depan tv.. hehe.. A few person has request for the wifi, since i use my hp number as the conection name.. Easy to be cntact..

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