Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanna rent a car?

Holiday at langkawi.. u cant bring ur car.. u fly or with boat.. wonder how u gona spent ur holiday there? hmm.. worry no more.. visit Car Rental website.. We have car, mpv, suv, van to be rent. Never miss any interesting place again when u visit Langkawi Island..

haha.. done with this website.. took me 2 day to finish it.. the design offcourse a free website template. but still need to be redesign. took me one and half day to redesign the template. and another half day (from 4pm to 11pm) to complete with the website info.. the info is the same with other website so, not much time uses on that. here is the screenshot before and after the redesign..

Before Redesign

After Redesign

and also, last week.. i hv finish with these student website.. click to visit . the theme also have be redesign.. a lot.. pink+purple.. nice touch up.. hehe.. do comment on design..


Anonymous said...

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sukahati said...

whoaa...hebat ko weh

Unknown said...

hehe... timaceh, timaceh.. klu ada pojek, koling2 la aku ek.. hehe

buellart said...

wah, nice work, keep it up Ash!

Unknown said...

hehe... u the sifoo remember ^_^"