Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad and Sad News..

hancur pedih sakit seday hati... I cry... I cry a lot.. never tot.. everything look ok.. walaupun a few day before die nmpak cam x okay.. berdiam diri jer.. lemah.. cume semalam tetibe die semangat, main, bergerak aktif.. bergerak around and near me..

Mimi.. OMG.. i cry again.. im sorry.. did i did smtg that make u hurt.. im not taking good enuf care of u.. im sorry.. u bring much cheerful to our life.. u will never forgetten...

When I saw u this morning, i knw smtg is wrong. You not used to sleep outsite of the house. u just lay there.. i put u in my hand. u not moving at all... u just breath hard.. Ur eyes wide open with dark black color.. I knew smtg is wrong..

I dowan to leave u, I wanna stay.. But i hv to go to work. I had to leave.. a few minute before i reach office, i got sms.. "mimi dah mati".. i was expecting to u see u again after work.. I cry along the way to the office..

Mimi.. Rest in peace..

* Mimi, my hammie die this morning (5-March-2009 07:58). we buried him infront of our house..


Anonymous said...

bai juga pernah merasa kehilangan haiwan kesayangan..
menangis semahunya..

Unknown said...

ya.. till now, still ingat kat die.. walaupun ash dh beli 2 lagi yg baru, but still xsama cam die.. lain spesis kot.. huhu.. xtaula.. but, he is the only one....