Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Comel nyer...

hikhik.. malu nk masukkan.. comel nye.. my brother's son aka anak sedara gue le.. hehe.. nama die.. Mohd Fawwaz Naufal.. akak nye pernah menjadi comel suatu ketika dulu.. huhu.. xderla.. still cute till now.. and always... cume nakal sikit die skang.. adik nyer baik je.. xnangis2.. and byk senyum..

Wedding Photo


dah lama dah wedding nyer.. siap pun dh lama dah.. baru teringat nk publish kat sini. Another my hand work.. Editing picture.. not professionally, but ya.. bolehla.. hehe.. nk kasi nmpak pic gebu, xder minyak2, rambut kusut nk betulkan sikit.. for wedding pic la kan.. sometime ada ternmpak garisan yg xsepatutnya.. nk putihkan sikit.. hehe.. elok la tu.. for cover album, boleh gak.. tp xse'kreatif' mana..

pape pun.. here the pic.. pengantin pun x tengok lg ni..

the wedding kat kelantan. pengantin perempuan kat tumpat, and belah laki, my cousin wat kat umah nenek, pasir puteh.. last minute je my mom info suh balik, ape lagi, EL on thursday, AL on friday, and MC for monday.. huhu.. sakan ku bercuti..

lain-lain editing.. hmm jap ek.. but this one is my fren, on her engagement day. skang dh kawin n dh ada anak pun.. hehe

Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanna rent a car?

Holiday at langkawi.. u cant bring ur car.. u fly or with boat.. wonder how u gona spent ur holiday there? hmm.. worry no more.. visit Car Rental website.. We have car, mpv, suv, van to be rent. Never miss any interesting place again when u visit Langkawi Island..

haha.. done with this website.. took me 2 day to finish it.. the design offcourse a free website template. but still need to be redesign. took me one and half day to redesign the template. and another half day (from 4pm to 11pm) to complete with the website info.. the info is the same with other website so, not much time uses on that. here is the screenshot before and after the redesign..

Before Redesign

After Redesign

and also, last week.. i hv finish with these student website.. click to visit . the theme also have be redesign.. a lot.. pink+purple.. nice touch up.. hehe.. do comment on design..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wifi Available

For those who stay near by my place (Terminal Putra Gombak, Taman Melati), i can provide u the wifi 247.. the connection is OK, but still sometime give me a headache.. Streamyx.. Duh!!.. Setup available only after office hour.

The good thing bout the wifi, i can online at any place in the house with my notebook. i dont need to seat in the room and hv to unplug the network cable from my pc and plug it back to my notebook.. switch it back when i want to use it on my pc... LECEH!!

But nw with the wifi, i can seat everywhere. atas sofa, atas katil, atas meja mkn, depan tv.. hehe.. A few person has request for the wifi, since i use my hp number as the conection name.. Easy to be cntact..

Sold one website!

The owner of the website has sold the website. But still, i got the project to change all the info inside i did some amended, not much infront of the page, but inside totally change. Since the new owner only want the website promote the Langkawi Island and Car Rental. So a new pages added. Its more like develop a new one actually..

Took me half day to finish all 6 pages.. Gosh!!

All can view the new info and look of the website here.

p/s: Hmm.. i dono hw much to charge..

Bad and Sad News..

hancur pedih sakit seday hati... I cry... I cry a lot.. never tot.. everything look ok.. walaupun a few day before die nmpak cam x okay.. berdiam diri jer.. lemah.. cume semalam tetibe die semangat, main, bergerak aktif.. bergerak around and near me..

Mimi.. OMG.. i cry again.. im sorry.. did i did smtg that make u hurt.. im not taking good enuf care of u.. im sorry.. u bring much cheerful to our life.. u will never forgetten...

When I saw u this morning, i knw smtg is wrong. You not used to sleep outsite of the house. u just lay there.. i put u in my hand. u not moving at all... u just breath hard.. Ur eyes wide open with dark black color.. I knew smtg is wrong..

I dowan to leave u, I wanna stay.. But i hv to go to work. I had to leave.. a few minute before i reach office, i got sms.. "mimi dah mati".. i was expecting to u see u again after work.. I cry along the way to the office..

Mimi.. Rest in peace..

* Mimi, my hammie die this morning (5-March-2009 07:58). we buried him infront of our house..