Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wana Know My Price?

As i told u all before and what are the blog is all about.. Im doing freelance to develop static website, dynamic website (eCommerce, MLM), Web-based System (eg: Hotel Management System, Inventory System). i do programming professionally... i am a programmer fulltime at corporation berhad company.. so if u interested to use my skill and my knowledge to fulfil ur need.. email me at with this info..

1. Type of website (static/dynamic/system)
2. Uses of the website (to determine the storage)
3. Number of pages (for static website)
4. A bit describtion bout the website

InsyaAllah, I will reply u as soon as posible with the quatation and explain a bit about what i can do and how long its gona take to develop..

Feel free to email me at any time...

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