Saturday, February 21, 2009



Just started my blog.. nowdays, people killing (^_^) to have blog.. so here i am.. (T-T').. The 'Nawaitoo' i create the blog, just to expose myself to everyone outsite there.. people might 'googling' my nick.. so if u find me (the blog).. here i am..

Nothing much to say.. hmm.. alrite, start with introduce myself.. im ash.. i was born in September, 16.. Yup the created of Malaysia.. im proud of it.. im the only daughter in family.. im the third from forth.. im Perakian.. (-_-").. i graduate from UPM with degree in computer science majoring multimedia programming.. i knw nothing much bout multimedia.. but im so into programming.. Yup, im a programmer..

hmm.. what more to say.. i stay with hammie (^_^).. three of them (mimi, didi, lili).. i dont hv pic of them.. but later on sure i post one topic bout them.. a lot a lot of thing to gossip and story bout them.. hehe

alrite.. what more i wana say in this blog is about my freelance work.. i hv done a few website and web-based system.. i'll post some info bout them later on.. so anyone who like to hired me (for freelancing) to do website, system, eCommerce and etc (anything related to internet) i'll be happy to accept it with wide open arm...

lastly.. thank you for reviewing my blog.. anything i wrote has give bad influence on u please forgive me.. i just wrote whatever i wana wrote and i never think when im wrote.. (T-T"").. so do do please forgive me and let us be fren...


Anonymous said...

wahh..ash dah ada blog skrg..hehe..
post la gambar hamster. musti cumelcumel.hehe

all the best!

Unknown said...

huhu.. xkesampaian lg.. tunggu... btw.. ni sapa?