Thursday, February 26, 2009

Done One Task

Alhamdullillah.. done satu keje.. not fully done.. need to present to the client.. if it fine.. no changes, then its consider done.. huhu.. (^_^)a lot a lot more to go.. Alhamdullillah.. limaph kurnia rezeki.. syukur.. xtau ape hikmah sebnaliknye.. pape im thanks to GoD.. ALLAH s.w.t..

here the link of the latest website i hv done.. develop with frontpage template.. nothng much different with other website.. but they have some kind of pattern when im review the template.. pretty good experience to work with frontpage..

next, i need to study a bit bout online payment.. have to email to my sifoo regarding the issue.. hope a lot if he can help.. Please.. your the only hope.. then new ecommerce website.. i havent look at the requirement yet.. but its all about selling furniture i think.. maybe i start on nextweek or this weekend..

alrite.... got to continue with screen shot of eWallet.. need to prepare for the presentation. gtg


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